Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crushing on Valentine's

This is Imani's last year in elementary school, so it will likely be the last time her class has a Valentine's party.  We have always made homemade Valentine's and this year I was looking for something extra special, since it might be the last year she actually hands out Valentine's cards to her friends.

I am obsessed with Pinterest and found the cutest idea on there the other day for Valentine's.  Do you follow my pins yet? If not, click the button on the top right of my blog!  I've been pinning for each room in my home, every holiday, and every craft I hope to do in my lifetime.

 Isn't it super cute?  The only problem is that Imani's school would never allow glass bottles in school and I'd feel terrible if a kid accidentally broke it and cut himself so we had to settle for cans. 

Admittedly, cans are not as visually appealing- but the idea is still cute nonetheless.

So we bought two twelve-packs of Cherry Crush in cans.

Then I edited Imani's photo using Picnik. 

And then we printed them off on regular paper.  I didn't have any cute polka dotted paper like the one on Pinterest but I did have an abundance of red card stock from homemade Valentines in the past, so we decided to use that instead of spending more money.

We glued the pictures to the red background.

Next, we hole-punched the photos and tied them onto the can tabs using a ribbon.

And Imani carried a big box to school today.  I'm sure her teacher will be thrilled with kids drinking soda along with all of the candy they receive!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That is a cute idea! It won't be the last time she sends Valentines to her friends though. In middle school (junior high/intermediate/whatever they call it in your area) they don't have Valentine's day parties but the kids still swap cards and treats with their friends. Our schools sell carnations or something where you can buy them for $5, sign a note and have them delivered to your friends on V's Day by student council members (it's a fundraiser). Oh, and the V's Day cards she gives to boys, they will take on a little more meaning now.

  2. What a sweet Valentines treat for classmates! I'm surprised the food police didn't confiscate the soda. :/
    Imani will always remember the love you put in all the details.

    Your Friend,


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