Friday, May 4, 2012

Shopper's Club Chaos Solved!

In case you're wondering, Jason, aka "The Coupon Cowboy" is still in full swing. We get free stuff from Rite Aid weekly. 

And the Coupon Cowboy was finally successful in lassoing another couponer - his brother Joe.  That's right, my brother-in-law has become equally obsessed with Rite Aid deals.

How lucky am I?

And how lucky is my sister-in-law Shannon too?

It guess that depends on if you think having an abundance of shampoo and toothpaste is lucky.

I never have to think twice about donating to personal hygiene charity drives. 
I actually seek them out now!

Seriously though, I have to admit that I love a good deal just as much as Jason.

In fact, I'm a sucker for store savings cards.  Every time I'm at the register and the cashier asks if I want to join some shopper's club, if it's free, I ALWAYS sign up.   I like a good deal and most of the stores require you to have their shopper's card to get their in-store deals.

Some have special perks and will send you coupons in the mail depending on how much you shop there, like Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods. Even food chains like Panera and Subway now have cards.

The problem with having all of these Shopper's Club cards is that they take up so much room in my wallet. The truth is, I can't even button my wallet closed.

What's worse is that when the cashier asks me if I have a customer loyalty card, I fumble around looking for it. A couple of times, I've actually signed up a second time because I thought I wasn't a member, only to find two cards in my wallet later!

I know that some stores have key tags but I've found that not all stores do and I hate having a million little tags mixed in with my keys.

I once had a million dollar idea to invent a card that would electronically house all other store cards, but I guess I wasn't smart enough to see it to fruition so now it's out there for someone else to invent and make millions.

Instead, I got out my hole puncher and set to work so that my wallet would button closed once again.

Problem solved! Now I have a nice little stack of store loyalty cards conveniently on a key chain in my purse. 

And my wallet is happy because it's no longer exposed for the world to see.


I'll let you know how the new system works out. In the meantime, I'd love to hear how you're organizing your store cards -- or if you refuse to sign up all together.

Also - if you have an organizing dilemma - email me or comment below.

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  1. Have you tried KeyRing? It's an iPhone app where you scan your cards with your camera phone and it stores them all in the app so you just hand your phone to the clerk at checkout. As an added bonus for your Coupon Cowboy, they see what cards you have and send you coupons for thos stores.

  2. Stephenie,
    I use the standard line: Oh darn, it's in my other purse. Can you look it up under my phone number?
    Always works. :) Besides, my purse is a black hole. If I searched for anything {even a keyring of cards} they'd have to send a search party in to locate me. :/
    Thomas uses the iphone app that Maura commented on above.
    Glad you are feeling better. Happy to see you blogging!
    Your Friend,

  3. @ Maura- wow- I'm so behind the times! I haven't heard about or tried that app! Do you use it? Does it work well? I'm a bit old fashioned in fearing it might have some glitch and not work properly!

  4. @Deborah - I've used that method too!! I've run into a couple of larger supermarket chains that haven't been able to use my phone number though. I love that Thomas is so 'with it!'

  5. I use key ring so tired of all of that extra weight in my bag!


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