Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finished Bathroom

Our upstairs bathroom is the final room to be renovated in our house and I am happy to say, it's finally complete.

We finished the never-ending grout sealing and Jason hung up the towel rack just the other night.  I never knew how good it would feel to be able to shower and get dressed for work on the same floor each day.  I know it's a small detail, but to me, it's a luxury! 

No more trucking downstairs to shower with a load of clothes in my hands to get dressed . . . or worse, no more traipsing through the house in a towel to run upstairs to get dressed, all the while worrying that my neighbors might sneak a peak through one of my windows!

To say that this upstairs bathroom was disgusting when we first moved in would be an understatement.  It was downright filthy and, although it worked, we never used it. 

For a short time, the upstairs bathroom became Maggie's crate.  We literally shut her in there every day before we went to work and let her have free reign.

Here is the bathroom before:

My plan for the bathroom was to tile the whole thing, like I had seen so many times in many of the fancy hotels I stay in when I travel for work.  It was a small space, so I figured it wouldn't cost too much to do.  Since Jason is a perfectionist, I knew the tiling would come out great.  I also wanted a shower with clear glass and a shower floor of pebbles.

Here is the finished shower:

And here is a close up of the shower floor:

The sink:

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention . . . we've decided to stay in this little cape after all.  More on that in my next post!
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  2. Wow, this turned out fantastic! Truely like a fancy hotel. Great job. The tile looks perfect and I love the stone in the shower!

  3. I love those tiles!!! Great choice!!!


  4. I love how everything is tiled from floor to ceiling!!! Lovley just lovley!!

  5. That is beautiful. Your husband is a master at that tiling. I love that pebble floor. I would love to do that around my fireplace instead the tile that is there now.

  6. LOVELY! It looks AMAZING! I'm totally impressed with all your hard work!

    I LOVE the shower... so roomy and what a COOL shape!



  7. Great job you two! Can't wait to here about the whole staying thing!!x

  8. Your new bathroom is gorgeous - I love those tiles that are like river rocks that you used in the floor of the shower. If that were my bathroom I don't think I would ever leave.

    I hope you got the parcel I sent your way awhile ago now. There was a little something for your daughter in it.

  9. He did such a great job! It turned out so pretty!

  10. Visiting from F & J -- fabulous transformation. That shower floor is gorgeous! All of it is just beautiful!

  11. Your bathroom is beautiful!!!! I want a new bathroom (whine, whine)!

  12. You did an amazing job! It's so gorgeous! Doesn't even look like the same space!!

  13. It looks amazing! That's a HUGE project to take on and the tile looks amazing!

  14. Visiting from House of Hepworths! Great transformation...your bathroom looks so calm and tranquil.

  15. Wow! Love it. We are in the process of redoing our hall bath and the look you have is similar to ours. Can you share what kind of tiles you used on the walls? Are they the kind that are heavy and often used on the floor?

  16. Melanie,

    We used ceramic tile from Lowes or Home Depot -- just regular floor tiles. We did the boarder with smaller tiles that had a design on them. I hope that helps!

  17. It's a gorgeous bathroom! You guys did an awesome job!!


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