Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closet Solution

Didn't I tell you Jason would fix those closets? He came up with a great solution for them. He added beadboard and some beautiful big handles. I am so happy with the results. The only problem is, once Jason gets hooked on some new decorating idea, he becomes obsessed and wants to cover our whole house in it.

When he first learned how to put boxed trim under chair rail, he decided that one room wasn't enough. The next thing I knew, not only was our sitting room, but our spare room, hallways and staircase were all trimmed out with white chair rail and white boxes. It looks beautiful, but I finally had to stop him before our whole house had white boxes on every wall.

He is really pleased with the look of the new closets. His plan is to do the same thing with Imani's closets tomorrow night. He also wants to do the center of all of our doors to our rooms with beadboard . . . uh oh . . . this could be dangerous!

Wood Wick Candles

Okay so this is my new favorite purchase. I got this nature's wick candle at Target. I can't remember how much it was (maybe $12), but it was worth every penny. It is scented "Apple Tree" and it has a wooden wick that crackles as it burns. Jason and I have been lighting it every night while I read or knit in bed. The sound it makes coupled with the scent of Fall makes me feel all warm and cozy. I've never had a wooden wick candle before, but I don't think I will ever buy a regular wicked-candle again.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oil and Vinegar Cruet

I wanted to share a recent treasure I found at the >Aurora Arts and Design Center in Aurora, NY. First off, this was my first trip into the Aurora Arts and Design Center. What a wonderful place. The store is housed in a beautifully renovated 1902 building and offers a range of unique items including antiques, furniture, gifts and jewelry.

This oil and vinegar cruet is so unique I just had to have it. It is czech glass, but that's all I know about it. I was worried that when you pour from one side, the other side would leak, but amazingly it works just fine without any spills! Isn't it great?

Ugly Closet Doors

We hate our bedroom closet doors. Just look at them. They are terrible. We aren't sure what to do though because we live in a Cape Cod and we have slanted ceilings in our bedrooms, which makes things a bit more challenging. Any suggestions?

Jason will make them beautiful. I know he will. He always figures out what to do. With a degree in Art from Syracuse University, I sometimes complain that he isn't drawing or painting anything . . . that he needs to do what he went to school for . . . and then I stop and realize that he has managed to turn our home into one big piece of artwork. It really has been a creation of sorts. It started out as a mess!

Jason's plans are to fix these closets this weekend. He is thinking of doing something with beadboard and trim. I can't wait!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day Finds

Something about the snow inspires me. It makes me want to stay inside and be creative. Usually, when there is a good snowstorm, I find myself getting a lot of knitting done or making something in an artistic way.

This poses a problem when I am trying to re-decorate my home with flea-market and antique finds. Who wants to be on the roads in a blizzard? I would much rather sit in a big comfy chair with a mug of hot chocolate and some soft yarn knitting away.

I didn't let the snow stop my decorating endeavors this week. Instead, I did what any savvy home decorator would do: I dug through the basement and found a number of treasures.
My best find was this old picture that was left in the house when we first purchased it. It ended up in a box in the basement because we didn't think it fit our style. My husband Jason had even considered throwing it away. Thank God he didn't!

Finding this old picture tucked away was such a great treat. I had forgotten all about it. I have no idea how old it is or what the history is behind it. It looks like ink on some sort of muslin but I'm not sure. If anyone out there knows, please email me because I'd love to know more.

Now I just have to find the perfect spot for it in my home.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Decorating Addiction

In reading many great decorating blogs over the past few weeks, I have developed a decorating addiction. It has begun to consume my life. When I am not at work, I am glued to the computer, reading countless blogs on home decorating and home crafts.

It all started because I love to knit and I am a member of Ravelry. In searching for a sweater pattern, I came across a beautiful cardigan a woman had made. In reading her comments, I saw that she had a blog called "Philigry" so I decided to read it.

That was it. I became obsessed. Her blog was simple and sophisticated. Her pages seemed as though they jumped off the cover of Pottery Barn and to be honest, I kind of wanted her life. I think I read every one of her blog posts in one sitting.

I marched downstairs to my husband Jason and told him, "I want this woman's life. I want to stay home and decorate, read, knit and learn to quilt. I want to sell our house and move out to the country.

And buy chickens."

I think he thought I was crazy (which I probably am). I began to be a regular reader of the blog and started visiting other sites that were linked to her blog. Some of my favorites include "The Lettered Cottage" and "Funky Junk Interiors."

We haven't put our house on the market and moved to the country yet, so I've decided it's time to revamp my house and make it more of a home. I want a touch of country mixed with modern. I want old pieces blended with new. I want to create a place for my family and friends that invites and inspires.

Oh, and there is still no serious discussion of us getting chickens anytime soon.
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