Sunday, March 4, 2012

Addicted to Pinterest

I've been totally addicted to Pinterest, as I've mentioned before.

I have so many projects I want to try and the list just keeps getting longer. If I spent half as much time creating as I spend pinning, I'd be a lot more productive.

But last weekend, Imani, her friend and I created a couple of things that were inspired by images on Pinterest.

The first was cookie dough brownies.  The cookie dough is made without eggs so it's okay to eat raw.  Basically, you make brownies and once they are cooked and cooled, you spread cookie dough (without the egg) batter over them, drizzle chocolate and sprinkle with miniature chocolate chips.

I think I gained 20 pounds last weekend.

The second project we completed were scarves that we made from old t-shirts.  Here is Imani modeling hers.

And here I am with mine.

But of course, I wasn't satisfied with just a plain white scarf. I had to attach a pin to give mine a little punch of color.

Isn't it cute?

We made a few in different colors too.  Cotton t-shirts without side seams work the best.

For instructions on how to make these scarves or the cookie dough brownies, follow me on Pinterest.  When you see a project you like, click on the image and it will take you directly to the website where the project was featured.

Here are a few more Pinterest projects I hope to bring to life.

A framed button monogram.
Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

A bath mat made out of old t-shirts

A vintage jewelry wreath

Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

Picture gift tags

A bracelet made from nuts

What's on your Pinterest list?

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