Saturday, October 2, 2010

Imani's Rock Star Room

I never realized how many people read Decorating Addiction until I didn't post for two months.  So many of my friends and family members, who never comment and who I never knew followed the blog, have been asking me for pictures of Imani's room. 

Imani's room has been done for a while now.  Sorry for the delay, but being in the house on the computer when the weather was beautiful just wasn't my idea of a good time. . . AND . . . there have been a lot of changes around here that have kept us busy.  Hopefully, I can get back into a somewhat regular routine of blogging again and catch you up on all the fun we've had this summer!

So you might recall that Imani's room looked like this

And although it was cute, it just wasn't Imani. For one, Imani isn't pink.  She's not a girly girl.  For two, the pink was much too bright for me.  I hated the salmon color of the lower half of the room. 

Imani wanted a "rock star" bedroom, so I did my best to deliver her idea in a classy way.

First, Jason installed a hardwood floor

 Next, he covered the ceiling with white wood planks.  You might remember how much I hate bad sheetrock on ceilings.

And then the decorating began.  We decided to paint the room one solid gray with white trim.  The remainder of the room would be black, white, silver and red.

Ta da!

All the big plans to create a bed alcove and find hidden storage behind the walls of the Cape were abandoned.  We didn't want to spend our entire summer inside.  Besides, we managed to use that nifty trunk at the end of Imani's bed for storage and it worked out perfectly.

My favorite feature is the black chandelier.  Imani has several favorite features.  She loves the wooden letters that spell her name down the wall.  Having a name like "Imani," she can never find it in stores pre-printed on Christmas ornaments or pencils.

She also loves that her acoustic guitar and her electric guitar are now prominently displayed in her room.  We bought the stand, which holds both guitars and has a special locking feature so they won't fall off.

Another favorite feature in her room is her mounted tech-deck skateboards.

The storage case opens right on the wall, so the skateboards are easily accessible. 

Of course, she was excited to see the Target wall hangings that I went through the trouble of purchasing, unbeknownst to Imani.

First, the "I am Rock" wall hanging.

And the red electric guitar.

Imani actually found the Justin Timberlake bobble head at a lawn sale, which fit right in with the theme of her room.
I scored the wire music notes at an antique shop in the middle of nowhere, in addition to these two wire guitars:

We still have a few things left to do in here.  Jason still needs to put the trim up on the ceiling and we want to remove the air conditioner out of her wall because it's an eyesore and it barely works.

But overall Imani's new room fits her much more.  To be honest, I'm a little jealous of that chandelier.


  1. This looks SO SO SO awesome! I wondered what the heck happened to this project. LOL
    It looks AH-mazing! :)
    I LOVE the wood planks! TELL ME MORE! I want to do those too, what kind of lumber did you buy and such?
    I'd love to know the details... as soon as it's a rainy day :)

    ~Shelley Smith

  2. PS... i posted this on my facebook page... hope that's okay :)

  3. I'm thrilled to see the results of your work on Imani's room. It was worth waiting for!

  4. Yay! Welcome back! The room is awesome. My son would love those wire guitars hung on the wall. I like it all and I'm sure Imani is enjoying it. The wood planks on the wall and ceiling make me jealous.

  5. Hey, it's nice to read a post from you again (I thought maybe guest posting for me scared you off blogging). I love how you pulled Imani's bedroom together. The colours and guitar stuff you found are fantastic. It sounds like she is really enjoying it, which is what counts.

  6. OMG I feel so old that a young girl has a Justin Timberlake bobble head that was bought at a yard sale. I had one when they came out brand-new of Joey Fatone.

  7. Welcome back! Glad to see that Imani's room got finished. It looks terrific. I love the soft gray. What shade did you use? Her comforter is really pretty.

  8. Hey Stephenie, so nice to see you back! Can't blame you for spending your summer away from the computer :) Imani's room looks fantastic and I hope she loves it to bits.

  9. The room looks awesome. You did an amazing job. I miss y'all!

  10. So happy you are back. Glad you had an awesome summer. It was a beautiful summer wasn't it. I hear it rained like crazy here last summer. BTW Imani's room is amazing. Such a grown up room. She has great taste.

  11. I am so glad to see you have started to post again. You have so much to catch up on and I can't wait to read your posts.

  12. Steph, you have great taste! I love the ceiling, all looks great! My sister is also following your blog. She is also very creative. Aunt El

  13. I would've loved this room when I was growing up. I'm envious of that chandelier. Love how it pulls together the room. :)

    Visiting from TLC 2010 re-do party...


  14. That wood plank ceiling is awesome! I love it and I want it. More details please!!


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