Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

It's difficult planning a nursery.  So many of the ideas are too cutesy for me.

We don't want a Disney character theme.

Or a room full of choo-choo trains.

Sorry if that's your thing.  It's just not ours.

It's hard to find rooms for babies that are classy but cute.

And since we found out the gender, I was thinking we'd do something with blue, like Brad and Angelina did with their nursery.

But the more I search, the more I think we're going to stick with creams, browns, and beige.  It's just softer and more inviting to me.

We really like this room from Pottery Barn kids.    It just makes me want to sit in that big comfy rocker.

I might consider a blue accent wall like this room, which is also from Pottery Barn.  I also like the stars painted on the walls.

If we go with the cream and brown, we could decorate with cute little monkeys like this one.

Annette Tatum Studio mediterranean kids

We've also considered painting a tree on the wall (or purchasing a vinyl decal).  I like this one (minus the pink walls of course).


Or this one, which fits well with the cream/brown idea we're aiming for.

I really like the red and white in the next photo, but realistically I know we won't do it.  It's far too contemporary for us.  It is adorable though.

ishandchi- nursery eclectic kids

Once we decide on the colors and bedding, we need to think about all of the accents for the room.  There are so many ideas for wall accents out there that I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed!

I like the dragonflies in the next photo.

Modern Nursery modern kids

Or the starfish in the next photo . . . minus the pink curtains and pink tutu of course!

Girl Nursery  kids

And I love the idea of a monogram, or the whole name on the wall, but we have to come up with a name first!

nursery (unknown source)  kids

And I like the idea of inspirational quotes or words. I like the homemade feel of the next one.

French Larkspur eclectic kids

If you have any room suggestions or know of pages for inspiration, please let us know!  Even better, if you'd like to share your photos of your nursery, please email me! I would love to see them.


  1. I remember having the same problem and I didn't have any blogs for inspiration. We didn't want cutesy either. So, we did go with a cream/brown color scheme with touches of barn red and navy blue. We added vintage toys as decor along with old sports equipment. It was really cute and comfy and a room he could grow into. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. Why not keep the colors you have now and work with the boy theme?
    You could do baseball and bat painted on the wall and his name spelled out, or you could do dragonflies andcreek scene on the wall or a field.
    you could go with animals and scenery on one wall.
    So many options just using the colors you have already in the room.
    Just suggestions.

  3. Hi Stephenie, thanks for visiting my blog. I bought the brick at lowes and it was the red color and I just painted it white. I also love the netural colors for the babies room.

  4. Hey Stephanie,
    I blogged about almost the same thing a few weeks back. It is a hard thing, but I love doing it! I love the bedding you all picked out by the way.


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