Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He's Arrived!

Please excuse my absence over the last few weeks. We've been a bit preoccupied with our latest love.

Noah Joseph Atkins was born Tuesday, March 29, weighing 7 pounds 13 oz.

I'll do my best to get some posts up .. . in between lots of cuddling with this little miracle.

Thank you for all of the thoughtful comments and emails over the last couple of weeks!


  1. Stephenie,

    I've been checking each day. A warm welcome to Noah Joseph! He is beautiful. I am sitting here in awe, tears in my eyes. My he always be surrounded by as much love and acceptance as he is now. Enjoy God's latest miracle.

    Your Friend,

  2. little boys are so precious. congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations Stephenie. No apologies necessary - you are totally allowed some cuddle time with your newest addition. They're only little once so make the most of it. Blogland will be here when you're ready.

  4. he's beautiful...congratulations.

    stuff and nonsense

  5. Oh so happy for you! I kept waiting for news....congratulations!!!

  6. I've thought about you a million times over the last few weeks! I'm so glad that all is well. He looks adorable! Congratulations to all 4 of you;-) Enjoy each moment.

  7. Stephanie: I just took a new look at all your links above. WOW! You have done some job on that house....fabulous. And I love the entire wedding post. Nice to see more about all of you!

  8. He is Grandma's little man!

    And he will have endless kisses and hugs from me and grandpa for his life as does his sister Imani.

    We love all of you!
    Grandma and Grandpa

    CONRGATULATIONS to all of you he is a blessing from GOD!

  9. Congratulations!!! I think we figured out that's why you haven't posted. He's beautiful and looks so healthy. That's such a sweet picture of Imani with him. I bet she's so happy to be a big sister. So happy for your family!!!

  10. The photos are gorgeous. I love the first one of him sleeping. I don't know why I never took any photos of my babies sleeping - I was obsessed with trying to snap pictures when they had their eyes open, but look what I missed. I'm so glad to hear things are going well. It's a big adjustment for everyone.

  11. Oh Congratulations Stephenie, he is adorable. I hope you are well and that the new arrival is settling in well. I am so happy for you and will keep you in my prayers. xx

  12. Stephenie! I dont know how I missed this post! Oh my he is beautiful! I know you must be so happy he has arrived. He looks so yummy! I was thinking about you the other day and I knew you hadnt posted and was hoping you was ok and the baby was ok. Awwww I just cant get over how adorable he is!! Congratulations hun!! I am so so happy for you!

  13. Yay Stephenie, CONGRATS !!!! He's a beautiful lil baby. I'm sooo happy for you. Enjoy him ALL you can, they grow REALLY fast. You will blink and he will be graduating high school, I know ; )

  14. Oh my goodness, he is so sweet! I just love the pictures. Congrats to you all :)

  15. Congrats! :) Babies are truely the greastest blessings <3

  16. What a precious little blessing you have there, Stephenie! He is definitely your main priority now! Blogging can wait - babies cannot! ;)

    By the way, I just found you and joined you as a follower. I have a linky party that I would love for you to join, if you have time. The link goes up on Wednesday nights.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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