Monday, May 16, 2011

Out with the Mold

Remember when Jason smelled mold in our bedroom and he ripped apart the entire wall to address the problem only a month before I was due to have Noah?  If you missed it, you can read about it here.  For a short time, my bedroom looked like this:

and I was just praying that Noah wouldn't decide to arrive early and this would be his welcome to our home.

Thankfully, he was late like his parents.

Instead of just replacing the insulation, fixing the window and re-sheetrocking the wall, we figured it would be a nice time to change things up a bit. 

Yes, we tend to take on big projects during monumental events in our lives.

Like the time we gutted our entire kitchen only weeks before our wedding.  In fact, I was so sick of doing dishes in the bathroom and cooking outside on the grill that our honeymoon was more than just a honeymoon . . . it was an escape from the chaos of my kitchen.  While we were away, our countertops were installed so that when we returned, Jason could finish up the kitchen.

What can I say?   We love stress.

Anyway . . . back to the story at hand.

I had  been wanting to give our bedroom more of a cottage feel, since it is such a small space.    I really love the horizontal plank walls that I've seen in Pottery Barn, Country Living and over at The Lettered Cottage.

The good news is that I didn't have to sell Jason on the idea. He actually welcomed it, since he hates to tape and spackle sheet rock.

Perhaps you remember our bedroom originally looked like this.

And then we got rid of the king sized bed and I had Jason cut our dresser so that it could be moved to make room for the bassinet.  If you missed that crazy adventure, you can read about it here.

That brought our bedroom to this.

We moved the jewelry armoire and mirror to make room for the beautiful PB bassinet that was a gift from my mother in law and her boyfriend.  Remember the sketch she did of the bassinet because it wasn't going to arrive in time for my shower?  You know, the one that hangs in Noah's room as a piece of art on the wall?

Well the bassinet arrived in time for Noah and it looks great in the space we created.  .

Did you notice the switches up on the wall?  Well, I've always wanted lights on either side of the bed for reading.  I'm not a Kindle kind of girl . . . I like good ol' fashioned pages to turn, which means I need a light so that I can read at night.  And I'm not much into little book lights. They fall off my book, run out of batteries and generally aggravate me.

So my husband who spoils me installed two lights - one on either side of the bed and each light has its own switch.  Once Noah was born, Jason took the lights one step further and installed a dimmer switch so that we could get up to tend to Noah in the middle of the night without flipping on a bright light.

It all came together really nicely and I'm growing to really love my slanted ceilings and small bedroom. I never thought I would, but it's become my little cozy haven.

We both hated the color of the walls so we figured that while we were installing the plank wall, we might as well update the color too.  We used white on the planked wall and went with Sherwin William's "Blue Hubbard" for the side walls (a color I'll admit I snagged from The Lettered Cottage's design).

We I still have a few things we'd I'd like to do in this room. As you know from reading my blog, I hate the color of the dressers and night stand. I'd like to try to refinish them in a lighter color. Originally, I wanted to paint them white, but now I'm hoping to go with a distressed gray like much of the furniture in Restoration Hardware.

I also want to get a new light fixture.  I'd love a chandelier, but our ceilings are so low, I don't think it would look right.  I've been looking around but haven't found anything that speaks to me yet.  Any suggestions?

Finally, I want to get rid of the towering fan on the night stand and update it with a smaller, silver more industrial looking fan.  Getting rid of the fan is not an option, as you might remember from my post Finding Sleep with a Fan.   While the current fan we have is a huge upgrade from the old boxed fan we used to  use, it looks Victorian, and just doesn't go with the room anymore.

I also want to ditch the old-school electric alarm clock.  You know how much I hate the look of electronics so I want to hide our alarm clock somehow.  I thought of using a classic looking alarm clock (you know the ones that have a little device that hits two bells at the top?)  but Jason says he doesn't want to wake up to such a loud alarm in the morning.  I've also considered just using our cell phones as alarm clocks, but J likes to see the time in the middle of the night so maybe a cell phone docking station would work? 
I'm still figuring it out.

So there you have it . . . our lighter, brighter and mold-free bedroom.

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  1. SO cozy. I want to snuggle up. Great space! I know you know how odd those slanted wall can be.

  2. Stephenie what a great transformation, any tips on those horizontal planks? I'd love to do that but wondering if you buy it in sheets or like flooring that clicks together? You just might be the long lost cousin to Layla.

  3. Looks fab Stephenie. I love those walls! I've been reading about Annie Sloan chalk paint that I think would work a treat on your dresser. Check it out here

  4. Stephenie,

    Your bedroom looks fantastic! I thought Jason was planking the wall instead of replacing the sheet rock. I use chalk paint and wax and recommend it for your furniture projects.

    Your Friend,

  5. Re. painting your dressers: take a look at Ally's job she did on a sideboard with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:
    I'm dying to try it now!


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