Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Christmas Forest

Over the weekend, Imani and I decided to start creating some Christmas decorations.
I have a whole list on Pinterest of things I want to make this year
to give as gifts
to eat
to decorate. . .
We started with a simple project of making little Chistmas trees.
These were super easy.  We found thin cardboard boxes like cereal boxes, stove top stuffing boxes (love that stuff) and other pieces of cardboard that would bend easily.
Next, we made them into cones in various heights.
I almost forgot to take a picture of them! Excuse the poor quality - some of these were taken at night with only an iPhone!
We gathered up a variety of objects to decorate our trees such as ribbon, feathers, yarn, buttons and even lentils!
Next, we pulled out Imani's favorite tool:  the hot glue gun.
We began gluing the ribbon and feathers onto the cones.

Imani carefully wrapped hers with gold ribbon.
We worked late into the night and finished seven trees to create a little forest.
They turned out super cute.
Here is one with all white buttons.
Here is one wrapped in gold ribbon with a piece of shimmery ribbon wrapped over that.
Here is one with with pieces of shimmery wrapping paper cut and curled.  It's a bit sloppy because it was one of the last trees we made and I was utterly exhausted.
Here is a one wrapped in fuzzy yarn.
And another one wrapped in thick, cream colored yard with some glam wrapped around it.
Here is the tree we rolled in lentils and then spray painted gold.
And here is the crazy feather tree . . . with a crazy dog in the mix.
Maggie wasn't the only crazy one.  Imani was so tired, she was getting silly and kept pretending the trees were fangs.
And we both decided they could double up as new-year's hats!
Seriously, we had a great time making these. I'm not sure where I'll put them yet, but you can bet you'll find them mixed in this year's holiday decor.  The best part was, they were free!


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  1. Stephenie,
    I adore your Christmas Tree forest! What a great craft to do with children! I especially like the one covered in white buttons and the one Imani made with ribbon! Beautiful!
    Your Friend,


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