Friday, January 28, 2011

Bedroom Changes

Designing a nursery has posed some challenges like

Where will guests sleep if they stay over (since this was a spare bedroom)?


Where will we put all of that STUFF that is currently in the closet? (pictures of that crazy closet coming soon!)

Remember, we live in a little Cape Cod style home with just three bedrooms, which is why we were originally planning to move.

But then, after some structural problems with the home we were about to buy, and a deep love for this house, we decided to stay.

After all, people have raised kids in smaller quarters, right?

We're already thinking about how we could add an addition onto the house for our growing family, but that's a long-term plan.

Anyway . . . one of the challenges was what to do with the bedding we had purchased for the spare room.  Maybe you remember it . . .

I really loved the cozy cottagey look of it.

(For those of you who've asked, it's Nautica and I bought it on clearance last year at Bed Bath and Beyond.)

So I decided I'd incorporate it into our bedroom, which is
about to get a little makeover of its own anyway.

I'm loving all the pillows!

Instead of using the quilt as the entire bed covering, I just folded it and placed it at the end
because I love my white comforter cover.  I like that the matching bedding is broken up a little now.

I'm still debating if we should use the headboard from the spare room in our room too. The problem is, our room is so stinkin' tiny that I am trying to reduce the amount of furniture to make it feel more spacious.

See that nightstand over in the corner?  I HATE the color.

Here's a closer look:

The drawer pulls have to go too.  I'm not feeling the brass.

And of course, all the clutter that's lying on top of the nightstand needs to go too. 

The old school alarm clock will be gone and the fan just might get replaced too.

Getting rid of the fan all together is not an option.  If you missed why, click here.

We have an entire set - two dressers and a nightstand all in dark cherry.  It's just too dark for such a small space.    We used to have a king sized bed to match, but thankfully, we sold that beast on Craig's List last summer to create more room.

Look at how terrible it looked. I cannot even believe I am going to post this picture.

Everything is wrong here . . .

The curtains -- soooo dark (and sloppy for this picture!)

The wall hanging . . .

The way the bed is made  . . . 

The sloppy pillows . . . .

Uggh . . . it's all terrible (except I do like the Pottery Barn bedding . . . just a little too much burgundy going on here).

So with the giant bed gone, there are plans to refinish the nightstand and dressers soon . . . I'm still debating on color.  I was thinking of white, but it might be a little too feminine for Jason so maybe a distressed/antiqued light gray?  We're open to suggestions.

Until then, you'll have to wait and see. 

Right now, the old Coupon Cowboy has come down with a nasty virus
--- fever and all ---  
so he won't be refinishing any furniture this weekend.

He did manage to clip some coupons this week though and he seemed pretty excited about
whatever it was that he found.   I'll keep you posted if it's anything exciting.

Until then, he's not enjoying the comforts of that wonderful bedding and all of those fluffy pillows. 

He's retreated to the couch so baby and I don't get sick :-(

Should I be offended that Maggie has chosen to go and sleep with him on the couch?


  1. Stephenie,

    First off, hope the Coupon Cowboy was able to clip some savings for NyQuil and that he is soon well again. Thomas is suffering with it now too. Maggie is so sweet.

    I think you've fallen into the trap that we all have at one time or another...there is so much inspiration out there in magazines, blogs, television ... each just as beautiful as the next ...and we want it ALL! This is why I stepped away from much of it so I could free my mind up as to what I love as opposed to what I like. Think about what you and your 'cowboy' are really drawn to and why and focus in on that. I love your bedding - both the white and the blue/white quilt. (I liked the PB set as well.) You're off to a great start!

    Your Friend,

  2. So with the dilemmia of having guests over, do you have a sofa that pulls out into a bed? That might be an answer for right now, with extra blankets to keep the over night guests comfy,cozy and some spare pillows.
    What you have done with the left over pillows and quilt from the makeover of the bedroom is really great I love that look!
    I agree on the cherry furniture, you need to lighten them up dark always makes the room look smaller. As for the school alram clock , yes replace it because it does not fit into your over all color scheme.

    Well, those are just my ideas ...can't wait to see yours! You have a great talent for decorating, have you ever thought of doing it professionally?


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