Saturday, January 15, 2011

Staying Warm in Winter

I was going through Jane withdrawl.

I hadn't seen her since May, and despite the fact that the snow was quickly blanketing my yard and all of the streets, we ventured out to see Jane.

Snooty Fox is only open on Saturdays, so if we didn't go now, we'd have to wait another week.

It was so cold outside and we failed to warm up the truck before we left, so one block down the road, I suggested to Jason we go another day.

"No, you've been wanting to go for a long time now. We'll go"  Jason insisted.

So we made the 20 minute trek down a steep and slippery road.

 Every time we go to Snooty Fox, Jason and I want to buy so much that we have to narrow down what exactly we will purchase that day, and what we will have to wait to purchase until our next trip (all the while hoping nobody else purchases those items before we return).

Not only do I want to buy everything in the store, but Jane also has such an eye for displaying.  I get so many ideas from her.   Some day, I will get up the nerve to photograph some of her displays.

This trip was well worth it.

Jason had been seeing a lot of architectural elements in the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogues lately.  Of course, these architectural remnants aren't authentic. They are made to look old.

Image: Restoration Hardware

See that coffee table?  It's $1,695. 

See the book ends in the back?  Those are called "Antiqued Wooden Corbels" and they are $115 each.

Yes that says $115 "EACH."

We found something very similar at Snooty Fox, except our corbels  were $25 each. 
They are SUPER heavy. 

We love that, not only were they less expensive, but they are a piece of history preserved.

We also found these fantastic antique bowling pins.  I once saw a similar set in a PB catalogue on a bookshelf in the background of one of their living room sets.

Dick kept telling us to strip the bowling pins and display them in their natural wood but I like the chipped paint and the bold red stripe.  What would you do?  Would you strip them or leave them?

Our last purchase was this beautiful milk glass bowl.  Perhaps  you remember it from my most recent winter mantel display.  I don't have any of milk glass, but I always love the way it looks,
so I decided to get my first piece.

 I can't wait to use it for Valentine's Day. 
Won't it look great with red candies in it?

Another thing I love about Jane is how good she is with Imani.

She has a basket of special rocks that she lets kids pick through and select one to keep at each visit.

Imani always loves to go antiquing with us but inevitably always asks us to buy her random stuff.

Today we told her to bring her own money, since she does get an allowance.  I was surprised when we were in Snooty Fox and she wasn't buying anything.

I had forgotten that she spent almost all of her money last week on a few things
she saw at the mall that she wanted.
But she also bought her baby brother some adorable clothes that she saw.

How sweet is that?

As we were preparing to leave, Imani showed me the treasures she had negotiated with Jane.

For 26 cents, Jane had sold her these:

This little treasure box:

Along with these little treasures:

Imani was one happy little girl.

I was one happy big girl.

And Jason was one happy Coupon Drugstore Cowboy.

I know, one day we're cutting coupons and the next day, we're out buying antiques.

It's in the budget, I swear!

With that, Jane sent me off with a hug into the brisk snowy night.
Except this time, I didn't feel the cold.


  1. I love your purchases, and I would leave the bowling pins as is, they are wonderful.

  2. That is the cutest Dick and Jane story I ever read. I agree with Reba and leave bowling pins as is. And I love seeing another blogger taking cues right from the magazines (for WAY LESS $ of course), we are the smartest consumers around.

  3. Stephenie,

    I love all your new treasures! It makes me smile when people get excited about history, antiques and old architectural pieces. Most antique shops offer lay away or will hold an item with a small deposit. You should ask Jane next time you stop in. That way if you have your eye on something but it's not in the current month's budget, you won't miss out. All of your finds are great! I agree with you and would leave the bowling pins as is. Once you start altering antiques they lose value as end up looking new. Miss Imani's negotiating skills (aka charm) are to be admired! Her little trinket box is precious but knowing she already spent her allowance money on a gift for her baby brother is priceless.
    Stay warm!

    Your Friend,

  4. You have to leave the bowling pins as they are..otherwise how could they tell their story! I recently bought three antique juggling pins (not that I can juggle) and I love to think of the hands they've passed through (or been dropped by!) Imani is a treasure herself I'm thinking :)

  5. I loved that story Stephenie! Those bowling pins are amazing. I seen some on the goodwill site they were so cute. Still had the paint on them. I think I would leave the paint on them and then later on you could strip them if you wanted to. Either way you cant loose. I have stores like that I love to go to and the little ladies that work there are so sweet and its not just the "things" you get when you go but its the fellowship that is the real treasure. I Really enjoyed this post. Great finds:)

  6. I have to say Imani negotiated some cute little items! And I would leave the pins the way they are, I would ,aybe update the bookends with a fresh coat of the original color....but that is what I would do.



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