Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coupon Cowboy's Deal of the Week

I bet you thought Jason as the Coupon Cowboy was just a phase.


The cowboy is still lassoing in deals week after week.

I have to say that we've been doing an AMAZING job saving money on groceries each week and it's been helping to get us one step closer to reaching our New Year's Resolution.

In fact, we already paid off one student loan . . . so we're on to tackling student loan #2.  I'll keep you posted.  So the couponing continues week after week.   We actually look forward to sitting down on Saturdays and going through the sales circulars and matching the sales with our coupons.

This past weekend Jason was busy finishing up the nursery closet, so I was actually the one who sat down and matched our coupons with the deals.  I did a pretty good job, scoring Colgate and Crest toothpaste for free at Rite Aid.

But as we were walking through the aisles at CVS collecting all of my deals, Jason saw a sale sign in front of a bunch of cleaning products that he was really excited about.  The deal was 2 cleaners for $6.  If you bought $12 worth of cleaners, you would receive $4 in CVS bucks when  you cashed out. 

Jason was determined that if we had coupons for each of the cleaning supplies, we could get each cleaning agent for about $1 each. 

So out came the ever-growing coupon caddy and out came Imani's sighs as her crazy couponing parents began searching frantically for Pledge, Windex or Shout coupons.

We searched and searched through the dozens of cleaning coupons, but couldn't find one. 

But the cowboy kept looking. 

And this pregnant shopper plopped herself on the floor of CVS with her legs criss-cross applesauce right in the middle of the cleaning supply aisle and sorted through coupon after coupon.

I'm certain Imani must have been quite embarrassed.

Eventually, we gave up and left CVS without the cleaning supply deal, although we did get a lot of other great purchases.

I had long forgotten the cleaning supplies, but the Cowboy did not.

Last night he was on the computer and I assumed he was checking sports scores or reading the news online but really he was searching for cleaning supply coupons . . . and (of course) he succeeded. 

He was so excited to have found two $1 off any Shout product coupons, two 75 cents off Pledge "multi-surface" coupons and one coupon for buy any Wood Polish Pledge, get a Pledge "multi-surface" for free.

He was beyond excited and wanted to head off to CVS to make his purchases . . .

but we have a bedroom wall that needs painting so CVS had to wait.

Last night, the Cowboy was tossing and turning in bed.

I thought maybe he was nervous that I was going to go into labor or something, so I asked him what was keeping him awake.

"I can't stop thinking about the CVS deal."



And then tonight, when I took Imani to her violin lesson, I received this text message from Jason:

"I feel like I just stole from CVS."

And that text message was followed by this one:

"$4.50 before tax at CVS."

That's 90 cents for each of the above products.

And now we are thinking we might need to build an addition to start housing all of the extra cleaning products.

Either that or everyone is getting a basket full of cleaning supplies for Christmas.

Who knows, maybe the nesting instinct will kick in and I'll use up all the cleaning supplies in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. You 2 made out on this purchase! And it is not like they will expire before you get a chance to use them. Congratulations on the find!


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