Friday, March 11, 2011

Nursery Update: Window Treatments

After I posted the Nursery Mood Board and got so much feedback, I knew I wanted to add splashes of blue to the nursery to add an element of whimsy to the neutral tones.

I just wasn't sure I wanted a "baby" blue.

So I set out to find fabric and I knew when I saw the bolt of polka dotted blue and brown fabric in Hobby Lobby that it would become the nursery curtains.

The challenge was, I didn't want to sew them . . . so after looking around online, I found a great tutorial over at Young House Love that I decided to try.

First, I rolled out the fabric using my 8 ft living room rug as a guide just like Sherry did-- no tape measure needed!

Next, I used some "stitch witchery" iron on adhesive to hem the edges without using a sewing machine!

It was so simple.  I just placed the heat tape along the polka dots to ensure that the seam would be straight, like this:

Folded the fabric over the tape like this:

And then I used my iron to bond the fabric and create a nice, straight edge. 

This is far straighter than I ever would have gotten if I tried to use my sewing machine.

We used those nifty little hanging clips to hang the curtains.  What I like most is that if the baby pulls on the curtains, the curtain will come down, but not the whole rod . . . so it's sort of a little safety element built right in.

Oh, and Jason moved the curtain rods up higher above the window and out further. We felt like idiots that we had hung all of the curtains in our house so low and close together.  I never knew this little secret until I started reading so many home improvement blogs, even though my sister once told me that curtains should be hung up high and wide above the window.

Have I mentioned that she's always right?

Anyway . . I'm loving the splash of blue in the nursery and I'm loving that the fabric matches the drawer pulls so perfectly.

And in case you're wondering, I made four curtains for less than $20 a panel.  I originally looked into buying curtains but I couldn't find a color I liked and they were all far more expensive than $20 a panel -- even at Tar-jay so making these was simple, quick  and cost-effective.

Up next: Homemade Nursery Mobile . . . stay tuned!!

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  1. Stitch witchery and clips: love them!
    And yes, I too used to hang my curtain rods right AT the window level,until I learned better. What a difference!
    This has really come together so nicely!

  2. Stephenie! Oh it looks sooo nice! Classy and cozy together. I love that material and the curtains look great! I did the same thing when I painted my living room. I made the hubby hang my curtain rods higher and wider. It really does make a difference. Those knobs on the dresser are gorgeous!!

  3. Stephenie,

    I'm so glad you added a touch of blue -- and what a lovely shade of blue it is! Amazing job on the no sew curtains. I can't wait to see a photo showing the entire room! I know it's spectacular.

    Your Friend,

  4. Stitch witchery was your grandma Vinch's secret for years,She once mended a burn mark in her rug with it.
    I love the idea of self made curtains, You always were creative!
    Can't wait to see the hanging mobil.

  5. Love it! Thank goodness for whoever invented stitch witchery!! Glad you added in some blue - it's really coming together nicely. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

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