Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decorating Walls

I used to have a lot of pictures on my walls -- pictures of my family and pictures of Imani but when we moved into our house, Jason and I decided that tons of pictures all over the walls just didn't look classy. 

In fact, I believe Jason said if the frames don't match, it's white trash.

I probably just offended half of my readers and all of my family members.

But take that up with Jason. I didn't say it. I have a whole other list of things I think are white trash that nobody else does . . . you'd have to ask my sister if you're curious because it's an ongoing list and I haven't ever written it down.

But I will tell you that 99.9% of the things on the list I have done . . . so in my opinion that makes it okay to classify it as white trash.

Anyway . . . we basically don't have any photos on our walls as a result of this conversation from so many years ago.  

In fact, we have one photo of Imani framed at the top of our stairs

 and one frame that was once an old window and now holds several pictures from our wedding.

Jason gave it to me as a gift and it's one of my favorite items in my house.

So everyone who has told me I appear to be a perfect home decorator or a perfect mom can rest assured I am NOT.  What kind of mother doesn't have pictures of her children on her walls, especially now with all of the cool canvas options that are available?.  I haven't purchased one, but I always think they look so nice, modern and clean.

Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

In some ways, our house looks like a model home that is going on the market to be sold. 
We have a few framed photos on our dressers and night stands but something feels WRONG about not featuring your family in your home in some way, especially when you have a new baby!

And I am not a fan of digital photo frames.  I know there are a lot of digital photo frame lovers out there, and that's fine but it's just not me.  I don't like a lot of electronics in my house and to me, a digital photo frame is just another black plastic electronic eyesore.

So we've been wondering what to do with the wall going up the staircase. 

We thought about lininig it with botanical prints something like this.

But that wouldn't help me get photos on the walls.

And then we were inspired by the staircases of people who framed lots of black and white photos with white frames.  Take a look.

Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

I even like this one, which is just a bunch of empty frames but my goal is to get more pictures of my family up on the walls.

Uh oh. I think I might need to find one of those fancy "&" symbols. 

So all summer we were on a mission to find cool picture frames (think antique) and Jason's been busy painting them white to prepare for our staircase gallery of our family.

We found some random frames at antique stores, garage sales and TJ Maxx.

I cannot wait to put it all together. . . but don't get too excited. It might take us a year to finish!


  1. Hobby Lobby has some great "&"! Good prices too. Can't see what you come up with.

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