Monday, October 31, 2011

Living in Dracula's Dungeon

Another advantage of Jason staying at home is that he was able to take over the Halloween decorating this year.

He did a great job. Imani told me numerous times that she thought he was a "really, really good decorator."

He definitely goes a little more for the gory in his decorating than I usually do and he sure knows how to spook up a house.   Imagine eating dinner with this on your cake plate.

We still had some of the whimsical decorations out too - like my favorite little tree with these fun characters we bought at Pier1 Imports last year.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at night, but he changed out nearly EVERY light bulb in our house with an orange, red or black bulb.  It is pretty creepy. I've felt like I live in a dungeon.

We still had the mice up the stairs, like last year.  This is one of my favorite decorations and Jason traced and cut each and every one.  I think we found the template on  If you're feeling like splurging, you can buy them at Michael's too, but they will cost you far more than if you take the time to make them yourself.

Every day, I would come home and more of my house had been spun into a web.

See those creepy guys peering out from behind my curtains?  I almost freaked one night when I first noticed them.

Everywhere you turn, there is a monster peeking out from a corner.  I'm surprised Imani doesn't have nightmares.

This year, our mantel remained decorated as it has been, except Jason spun it up in his web and added some gourds and a tombstone that we bought at Rite Aid (our favorite store).  There are eerie lights that run behind the window to spook up the mantel at night.

Of course we put out our frames with spooky text too. 

I think Jason was extra inspired because he just finished reading Dracula. This, coupled with my love of the Twilight series, dictated our costumes this year.

We really get into Halloween every year. If you missed my post highlighting all of our costumes over the years, you can check it out here.

Nope, no fuzzy bear costume for Noah. He was a little vampire too.

Even Maggie has a costume and I must say, it's quite appropriate.

Happy Halloween, from our dungeon to yours!


  1. Wow, he went to a lot of trouble! I hope you're having a Halloween party because your house is certainly perfect for one now. That little Noah is growing so fast and is so cute!

  2. I can't believe the amount of effort you guys go's extraordinary! If you lived in this hemisphere I'd be hiring you as party planners for sure :) Hope you had a great time.

  3. The house looks amazing! That is so neat! We were super lazy and didn't decorate at all... I guess that's grad school and the overwhelming sleepiness that comes with pregnancy!

    I hope y'all are doing well, and I cannot wait to see all of the decorations to come during the holiday season! I am really excited about making the awesome sweater wreath this year- yours was so gorgeous!

  4. Kudos to Jason for choosing to stay home- Maybe he can "sneak on and post to your blog"... I miss seeing the projects you two are up to-altho I'm guessing there's not much time for thrifting/repurposing/redoing at this time....

    Double kudos for the halloween decor-that was awesome!


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