Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We've had better weekends . . .

Jason is working on building a new deck, which requires ripping out the old one.

In doing so, this weekend he had  a bit of a freak accident.  While he was removing the old deck, a nail flew up and hit him in the mouth, shattering one of his front teeth. 

Everything is still in place but the tooth has a major crack in it and J is in a lot of pain.  The dentist says she thinks there's only a 5% chance they might be able to save the tooth.

We have to wait a few days before we'll know.

Best case scenario:  they save the tooth, but it requires a root canal, removing the cracked part and building a crown.

The worst case scenario:  the tooth cannot be saved and Jason will need to get an implant (which is a long process and quite expensive).

He is in a lot of pain.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Even with a shattered tooth and the grim outlook from the dentist, we've learned to count our blessings and focus on the positives.

We're grateful the nail didn't hit him in the eye (he's learned to wear protective goggles now at the very least).

Here's our weekend wrap up in pictures:

(Recycled old deck boards for raised garden bed, which is what I wanted for Mother's Day)

Even with a shattered tooth, my husband got up on Mother's Day and surprised me by making strawberry chocolate chip pancakes and eggs (I ate them so quickly I forgot to take a picture).  He opened the pool, made me a raised garden bed so I can plant some vegetables this year, took us out to dinner and took us out for ice cream. 

Isn't he amazing?

I'd love him even if he were toothless.

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  1. Stephenie,
    Oh no, poor Jason! My heart and prayers go out to him. I hope the dentist can give him something in the mean time for pain. He is a good man. You better make Father's Day extra special!
    Your Friend,


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