Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saving Your Old Crib

Occasionally I get requests from friends to blog about certain home-related topics.  Usually I don't follow through and blog about them - not because I don't think they are good ideas, but because I am not a very consistent blogger.  When I am blogging regularly, it's usually because we have lots of home projects going on and I want to share Jason's ability to make my crazy ideas come true.  (Remember hacking up a dresser?!)

Anyway, my friend Brittney emailed me a while back . . . okay MONTHS AGO . . . suggesting I blog about how to upcycle an old crib.

It may take me months, but when Brittney asks me to do something, I usually try my hardest to make it happen.

Brittney and I have been friends since the seventh grade.  She is one of the kindest human beings I know.  She's always been there for me . . . even though I managed to get her into trouble a few times when we were younger.  Brittney was always the innocent one.





I remember one time Brittney's parents were going out for the night and my friend Eileen and I decided we would have some boys meet us at Brittney's house.  We ran the plan by Brittney, who was skeptical.

We convinced her anyway . . . there was NO WAY her parents would catch us having boys over - and besides . . . what was the big deal? We were just going to watch movies.

Did I mention Brittney's dad is a big, traditional Italian man?

You know where this story is headed. 

Brittney's parents decided to return home early that night so Eileen and I did what any teenage girls would do - we sent the boys out the back door. 

 Problem solved.

Except. . .

Brittney's dad decided to go around to the back of the house and check on the pool before coming inside   He met our three little friends face to face on their way out. 

Needless to say, Brittney endured a lecture from her parents while Eileen and I sat upstairs figuring out what we would tell our parents if Brittney's parents decided to fill them in on our antics (surprisingly, they didn't!)

Eventually, we did go downstairs and face Vinnie and Sue.  It wasn't pretty.

So anyway  . . . Brittney is amazing . . . and her ideas are too :-)

So she was faced with a dilemma.     Apparently, since older cribs (the ones with drop down sides) no longer meet safety regulations, you cannot donate them to the Salvation Army or sell them. 

There is something a little disheartening about throwing a crib away.  First off, it has sentimental value.  Second, that's a lot of waste in landfills!

So rather than toss an old crib with drop down sides, check out some of the cool ways people have upcycled their cribs.

Make a seating area for your porch:


Make a bench for your house:

                                                                                              Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

Create a play table for your baby turned pre-schooler.

                                                                                 Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

Use the pieces to make a twin bed (or two)

Use the side rail as a magazine rack

             Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

Or a craft station:


Even the springs can be used in creative ways.  One of my favorites? 

A shoe rack.

Or you can use the springs for a memo/memento board

You can turn the crib pieces into a cool chalkboard message board

Or a jewelry organizer

So there you have the coolest ideas I could find on how to save your old crib.

Be inspired.

Save your crib

Save the Earth

Any other good ideas? Please share!

And thank you to Brittney, who inspired this post!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I totally forgot about that night!! So funny to read about it, gettiing nervous like a teenage girl caught all over again. Great ideas for the old cribs. Thank you for sharing these and thank you for all the kind words. You're too kind! Brittney

  2. What great ideas Stephenie, thanks for putting it all together. xx

  3. Stephenie,
    I always smile when I get notification of a new post on your blog, although it's not nearly enough {hint, hint}.
    Friends like Brittney, who share so much of our life, are rare treasures. Unfortunately, most of the time one or both end up moving away and lose track of the other.
    As always, your shared ideas are brilliant! I can think of only two other suggestions: a drying rack that is attached to the wall and a garden trellis.
    Hope you enjoy the remainder of summer.
    Your Friend,

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