Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Lately, I've been liking Instagram much more than Facebook. Have you joined yet? It's so much fun to see everyone's photos. Some people use Instagram as a way to preserve memories and share photos of their families while others use it to capture artistic shots of everyday objects.
I enjoy it so much, and it doesn't take up as much time as Facebook.
Last month, I attempted to participate in FatMumSlim's photo a day challenge.  Have you heard of it?
There is a topic each day and you take a picture to go along with the theme and use the hashtag #fmsphotoaday.
It's pretty cool to look back and see the month in review.  Although I missed a few days, I wanted to share my month's photos with you.  I'm joining in again this month if you'd like to join too!
If you follow me on Instagram, sometimes I add a little explanation. If you'd like to read any of them, you can click on the pictures at the bottom right of my blog and it will take you directly to my Instagram page. There are a lot of other great photos there too that don't go along with FatMumSlim's challenge -- just random shots of my life.
September 1 was "You, Now" and I missed that day.
September 2 was: "Father"
I  joined on September 3, and the topic was "Distance." I didn't know how to add text to my photos at this point in the game:
September 4 - "In My Mailbox."  I missed this day too!





September 24: "3 Things" - I missed this day.




If you'd like to join in this month, here are the October topics. It's not too late! Grab that smart phone and start shooting! You can share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or all three; just use #fmsphotoaday as your hashtag!
Have fun!



  1. Stephenie,
    If this comment is a duplicate please delete. {I am not used to using the iPad. Does Imani give lessons?} Great photos! I can't believe how big Noah is getting. Thank you for sharing this. I just told Emily there was a one photo a day blog challenge but couldn't recall the blog. She is taking a photography class. I will tell her about this challenge. I'll also attempt to follow your lead, if the technically challenged moi can figure it out. The less time behind a screen and out and about in the world the better!
    Your Friend,

  2. Stephanie: I've been trying to find your Instagram name somewhere on this post! No where that I can see... but just found you through the hashtag. You might want to put it on here! Anyway, I'm following you, and will look into the #fmsphotoaday.Thanks!


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