Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our latest collection

Do you remember a couple of years ago when Jason was obsessed with old, rusty cans?
He got the nickname "The Can Man" for a while.
You can read about his can collecting adventures here.
Thankfully, that collection has halted.  The cans are still placed strategically around the house and I'd still like to get rid of them.
But Jason found a new object to collect.
We were walking around an antique store called "Found" here in Ithaca about a month ago and this little guy caught Jason's eye through the glass showcase.
I had a gift certificate for my birthday from my mother-in-law and I kept wandering around the store looking at vintage jewelry to buy but Jason had his eye on that fish.
I finally decided on a cake plate . . . it just happened that the cost of the cake plate wouldn't use up all of the gift certificate, so I decided I'd get the fish bottle opener for Jason.
Jason loves the bottle opener, especially since our old bottle opener is a little junky thing that probably came from the dollar store.
Right before Jason's birthday, I went on Etsy to see if I could find some more bottle openers, since J mentioned that it would be cool to have a collection.  I couldn't believe the selection!
I remembered reading in Martha Stewart or somewhere that usually collectors pick a common theme for their collection.
So antique plate collectors will often pick plates with only gold edging, or only blue plates, or only plates from a certain time period . . . you get the idea.
(For the can man, it was any can with lots of rust.)
So I had some choices.
I could buy only fish bottle openers.
Or only animal bottle openers.
In the end, I decided to go with bronze or gold bottle openers.
I found this darling little dog bottle opener.
And this horse bottle opener.
So now we have the beginning of a collection (the fish remains Jason's favorite).  Aren't they cute?!
And I'm no longer embarrassed when someone needs a bottle opener at my house.  Now we just need to figure out how to display them!


  1. Stephenie,
    I like Jason's newly acquired collection. Why not hang them in a small area?
    I'm finally back on my laptop and can leave comments and answer your e-mail. I've been reading ALL your posts.
    Your Friend,

  2. Great Collection to start! If you go to my blog and look for Nate Berkus/Jayson Home they have a cool opener there it's like a saber brown tooth opener I used at the latest book signing very cool!


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