Thursday, April 29, 2010

Addicted to Oars

A few weekends ago, Jason found an oar he loved at an antique store near our house.  I checked out the price tag: $50. 

"No way are we spending that much money on an old oar," I said matter-of-factly.

Since I am in sales and I have a very large territory I often come across antique stores on my lunch hour or on my way home that I would have never discovered if I didn't have a job that requires so much travel.

I remembered seeing old oars at an antique shop about 45 minutes from our house.  They were only $20.

So last Friday, on my way home from work I stopped at this little shop and was happy to see that the three oars still remained.  Two were red and one was a grayish blue.

I snagged the grayish-blue one.  I loved that it was all chippy and still had the hardware on it.

When I got home, Jason went to work figuring out how to hang it.

First, he put one screw at each end of the oar.

Next, he put wire around the screw to form a loop so that it could hang on the wall.

When he was done, it looked like this:

We decided to hang it above the window in the guest room. 

Now Jason wants me to go back to the antique store and buy the two other oars.  In typical addict fashion, one oar isn't enough.  He wants to decorate with a bunch of oars.

Actually, now that we got the computer out of the guest room and into the new office nook (which was a closet), there is a lot more space in the guest room and there is a big wall with nothing hanging on it.  Three oars hanging in a vertical row might just look nice.

And I can get all three for only $10 more than we would have gotten one! 

Let's hope somebody else didn't snag them before I get there.


  1. Looks outstanding...happy to hear that you found a better price...sooooo THRIFTY!


    Like your new look!

  2. I really like your use of the oars. We have a cabin up north from where we live and our interior designer that we hired from recommended us the same theme as well. Great choice!

  3. Ahhhh... now I know how to hang my oar! DH found in on some island in the Alaskan Aluetian chain. It's hand carved and his ship's captain said it's very old.

  4. Stephenie,

    This is funny. We just hung one I found a few months ago. I know Layla also has one in her guest room. Looks good!


  5. svinch@twcny.rr.comApril 29, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    A natical theme is a good idea...I would love a bedroom or any room that had a natuical theme.
    Love how creative you both are!

  6. ooooh, the red ones...hope they are still there because I would love to see them. I would love some old red oars.

  7. What a good team you two make!

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