Monday, April 19, 2010

Electronic Hide & Seek

Anyone who knows me knows I am not the most technologically advanced girl on the block.  To be honest, my Mom and Dad both got Facebook pages before I did.  I only recently started using Facebook and, I confess, it was entirely so that I could publicize my blog (although I have to admit that I have re-connected with some old friends).

In fact, my blog has prompted me to fast forward in the world of technology.  I learned (kind of) how to use Twitter and I even stepped up and bought a "smart phone" so I could be more efficient in responding to comments on my blog.

My nine year old daughter Imani finds it hilarious when I try to use the remote to find a channel on TV.   Whatever happened to three standard, local channels?  I have more channels than I know what to do with.   Forget using the DVR.  It is completely foreign to me.

Basically, I'm a ninety year old woman trapped in a 30 something's body.  It's true; I much prefer to knit, read, or make something than watch TV or chat on Facebook.

When Jason first met me, I didn't have cable for TV.  Basically, I had a television so that I could watch movies.  Now, we have three TVs in our house, including one in Imani's room which I swore I would never allow.

I will add as a side note that I am a bit of a nerd with Imani's TV though.  I have turned on subtitles so that she can at least read while she watches.  I am happy to report that Imani rarely watches TV.  Like her mother, she prefers to read or do something besides watching TV. 

Given all of this, it probably doesn't surpise you that I have a hard time incorporating any sort of electronics into decorating.  I am not one to get the largest TV available and mount it on my wall as the focal point of my family room.  We have a large flat screen TV, but if I had my way, it'd be hidden somewhere. 

Instead, here it sits on a stand in our living room.

What's more difficult about making electronics look nicely is that they always have a million wires running all over the place.  Furthermore, there are always two tons of components that go along with them.

I am forever trying to think of ways to hide all of it.  Perhaps you remember one of my earlier posts where I was thrilled to have found this old chest but I didn't know what I was going to put inside it.

We thought about blankets and throw pillows but then it dawned on me:  this was the perfect place to hide all of the Wii accessories!  In went the Wii guitar, the Tony Hawk Wii skateboard, and the Wii drum set.  Perfectly hidden, yet easy to access.
(You can see that we lined the inside of the trunk with burlap.)

Another eyesore in my book is DVDs and CDs piled up all over the place.  A long time ago, I decided that jewel cases for CDs were a waste of plastic and I hated the way they looked.  I threw out every single one and put them in binders instead, like this.

As for DVDs, I was thrilled to find this card catalogue at Target long before my antique treasure searching days.  It fits DVDs perfectly and keeps them out of sight.

My distaste for electronics is what has my husband busily working every night to convert a closet in our house into an office -- so we can hide the computer, printer and all of the components out of our guest room.

Is it just me, or do you hide your electronics too?  What have you found works to keep it all under control so you can stay current with technology, yet continue to decorate with style?

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. I am laughing because I hate wires and all of that. Also because my 69 year old mom got on facebook before me. Her class of 1959 did it to plan their 50 year reunion!

  2. I agree with you. I really dislike the big tv sitting in the room taking pride of place! It is so hard to make it look nice. I am impressed, I haven't twittered and I am on facebook because my sister travelled overseas for a year and it was the best way to keep in touch. I am getting better at using it and I do love how you can connect with people you haven't been in touch with for years! xx

  3. I agree with you about the wires and all the stuff that comes along with everything. Our tv is just like yours, sitting right where everyone can see. I did however, buy a PS3 so that i could streamline netflix and play dvds and got rid of the sattelite and the mostly non working dvd player we did have. So, now we only have one extra cord. We are probably the only people ever that don't have games for our ps3 lol.

  4. Stephenie, I'm completely with you on all counts! I did exactly the same thing with my CDs; my DVDs are in a Chinese drawer thingy and the DVD player and wii are concealed in an antique chinese cabinet. I try to conceal the tv by hanging art around it...but that's not overly successful! Give me a book any time

  5. Stephenie,

    I love huge TVs (the more the better) dvd players, electronic games and all the wires! NOT
    I don't think there is any woman that does. Mine are all out of site, incorporating trunks, vintage suit cases, armoires to hide it all. I'm not a fan of putting a flat screen over a mantle either. Although I recently saw something new where the TV is an actual mirror when not in use and is framed ornately with no control panel showing. It was incredibly expensive though - $45 k.
    As far as computers and their accessories we are completely wireless.


  6. thanks for all ideas.. I really liked it

  7. I loved this idea for the Wii extras. We have a little basket, but I do need something bigger :-)

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  9. I'm soooo there with you! LOVE that amazing trunk, wow! My stereo and speakers hide inside and under a trunk and coffee crate so you'd never know.

    Just say no to exposed electronics! :)


  10. You are preaching to the choir here. Years ago I went on a search for the perfect jelly cupboard to put the TV in. Found it, loved it. Fast forward to a few years ago and my TV died. I had my husband go to find the perfect TV for the cupboard. It took a week of looking but finally found one that fit with an inch to spare.


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