Friday, April 30, 2010

Hiding Bad Ceilings

When we first moved into our house, there were so many areas that needed to be addressed immediately.  We all slept in one bedroom because the other two were in such disrepair. 

We fixed a lot of the aesthetic stuff first just so we wouldn't be embarrassed when we had friends and family over -- like removing these fish that were decoupaged on the walls.

After we'd been in our house for a while, we started addressing other areas, like crazy ceilings.

Whoever lived here before us had no idea how to sheet rock a ceiling.  The seams that showed were an  eyesore.

Here's Imani's bedroom ceiling, which still hasn't been fixed (and we also would love to change the light fixture but we're resisting, since we are planning to sell our house soon).     See that seam running down the middle of the ceiling?  It drives Jason crazy every time he's in Imani's room.

One of Jason's least favorite home improvement projects is sheetrock and spackling and when it's on the ceiling, that makes him even more miserable.

So what have we done to address these crazy, bumpy, seamy ceilings?  In some cases, like our kitchen, Jason ripped down the old ceiling and started over.  But another thing we've done that we've been equally happy with was to use a quick fix that gave some rooms more of a cottage feel.

We used wood panels to cover up the ceilings.

Here is our staircase ceiling.  You can see the section that isn't covered isn't looking so hot.

So rather than rip down the existing sheet rock and start over, Jason went to work covering the ceiling with wood panels. 

If Imani and I are busy, Jason always has company from one of his biggest fans -- Maggie.  Maggie never leaves Jason's side, even if stuff is falling down from the ceiling all around her while Jason works. 

After we get all of the boards and trim up, Jason paints them white, although we have friends who stained theirs and they look great that way too. 

Here's Herb and Cindy's house.  You can see that they installed wood throughout their home -- on their walls as well as on their ceilings. 

While we were looking at houses, we saw a lot of ceilings we didn't like.  Some had ceiling tiles, like what we used to have in our closet under the stairs.

Jason fixed those with the same wood panel solution and painted them white.

Some houses had textured ceilings, which I know some people love, but they just aren't our style.

And other houses just had owners who lacked sheet rocking and spackling skills..

Here's a picture I found where people covered their walls and ceilings in beadboard.

Another solution I like is covering the ceiling with tin.

Image: This Old House

Have you looked up lately?  What's the deal with  your ceilings?


  1. I love what you've done, the timber ceilings look amazing! And my preference is always to paint them white, you just can't beat it in my book. We have horrible pine cathedral ceilings in our kitchen/dining/family area, and they are most definitely in line for a big white wash!
    K xx

  2. Painting a ceiling has to be one of the worst jobs ever in my view! Luckily my ceilings are ok thank goodness. But what an amazing job you guys have done with yours. And gee, why didn't you like those fish!! (just joking!) And lovely, congrats on 100 followers...woo hoo! x

  3. Sadly, my ceilings are just plain; not bad but no character. Loved looking at these inspirational pictures. I would love to have a planked ceiling.

  4. Stephenie,

    You gave a lot of options on how to improve ugly ceilings. Jason did a great job altering the stairwell ceiling under Maggies's close supervision! (Too cute) I prefer them painted as well.

    Your Friend,

  5. Looks great! Can I ask, did you take the old ceiling panels off before putting the planks up? We are thinking of doing this treatment to a number of our ceilings which have the ceiling square panels. Thanks, Kelly

  6. Kelly - good question! Jason always removes the tiles before putting the wood up but when I asked him why, he said it was because he would always know there were ugly tiles underneath! If you have read my blog regularly, you know Jason has a little undiagnosed OCD. You can install the wood over the top of the panels
    Just make sure to nail into the ceiling joists. Good luck!

  7. svinch@twcny.rr.comApril 30, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    Ahh, how I love tin ceilings, but to tell you the truth "I think you chose well for your ceilings." Tin ceilings are more for the older home. Besides your home looks so great the way you both have redone it.I can not tell you how amazing it looks from the first time I saw it. Those fish and those ugly painted walls, I thought what were they thinking when you bought it. Now I say WOW you 2 saw a beautiful home and you went to work to create and accomplish just that. GREAT JOB!

  8. we are goingto be covering our vaulted ceiling in our living room with board. Yours ceilings look great!

  9. We have the popcorn ceiling thing happening in our house and I want to do the beadboard - I just love it. Your stairs and area under the stairs look great with the white beadboard/boards on the ceiling.

    By the way, congrats on reaching 100 followers.

  10. These looks so great! I'm looking to do tin as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. These looks so great! I'm looking to do tin as well. Thanks for the inspiration.


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