Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Bird Cage

A few weeks ago when we went to Hub's Place, Jason found a rusty bird cage he wanted.   You probably remember how I was on a search for a bird cage a while ago and I found this great one at TJ Maxx.

Well if you've learned anything about me and Jason from reading this blog, you know we rarely stop with just one of anything.  We become fixated on stuff.  Remember Jason's obsession with coffee cans?  Thankfully, that's died down a bit.

I wasn't sure we needed another bird cage, but Jason really wanted it so it was added to our collection of junk.

The other day I noticed something new placed upon our treasure chest in the family room.

Now we just need to put something inside of it.

Should we fill it with candles like we did our other bird cage, or do you have a better suggestion?


  1. That's a beautiful birdcage and I love it sitting on that trunk. I would fill it with candles or a stack of books with a string around them or some kind of collection of things. A plant (like ivy) would look pretty in it too. Let us know what you decide.

  2. Wow Stephenie, I think your new bird cage looks great! It is a good size so you could display so many things in it! I was going to suggest a stack of books or magazines as well! xx

  3. Hi dear Stephenie! I've just found your beautiful blog! You know, I also have a passion for birdcages and I've just bought my first one! I was thinking about putting inside a little plat, but at the moment is still empty....I just like it as it is!!!

    I'm a new follower!!!

  4. I think a little plant inside would look nice. I have one bird cage from goodwill. It is white right now, but I love your darker ones!

  5. That looks great now!! :) Maybe a bird on a pedestal and a nest??

  6. I love it! SO cute!
    I actually put a bunch of decorative balls in my small birdcage!

  7. Well, we must have just missed each other at Hubbs! I got 4 lamps and spray painted them a nickle color. Now I am searching for the right lampshades.
    Let's see pictures of your new house!

  8. Hi Stephenie!!
    Just thought I would let you know I passed on
    an award to you!!!
    check it out on my blog

  9. svinch@twcny.rr.comMay 20, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    May I suggest spray painting the birdcage,maybe a silver color?
    I would love to see a english Ivy growing in and around the wires of the cage.
    And maybe some white christmas lights to light it up at night, or some battery operated candles amoungst the ivy.

    Or maybe get a few fake nests and fake birds and place them inside with some moss around them then put a ribbon on top that goes with your decor and maybe a few silk flowers that match your decor and put the flowers in and around the nests and maybe a couple on the outside.

    Then again a mirror at the bottom of the cage and a fake bird hanging from the perch and a few ivy weaved in and out and a small set of white lights weavered with the ivy...oh how reflective that might be.

    Or use seashells on the mirrored bottom and use the lights to reflect it all.with an amazing bow on the top.

    LOL, now my mind is going 100 mph...I better stop....LOL

  10. I like the idea of bird nests in it. with maybe some faux eggs in it.

  11. Hi Stephenie. is it ok to put candles into birdcages?

  12. @ Anonymous - I cannot reply directly to you because you didn't include an email. It's fine to put candles in a bird cage (assuming there aren't any birds in there!). Make sure there is plenty of space between the top of the candle and the top of the cage, of course. Also, make sure that whatever the bird-cage is made of us is fire-resistant (don't put candles in a plastic cage or anything like that!)


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