Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ladders Aren't Just for Climbing

I've been noticing ladders lately, and not just because Jason's been using one to climb up and fix the soffits on our roof.

I've noticed that I like when people incorporate old wooden ladders into their decorating.

I first noticed it when I discovered one of my favorite blogs, Philigry.  Katie has an old ladder just propped up against a wall in her living room.  I like how simple it is.


Then I spotted a ladder used to hold a blanket in Pottery Barn.  For $179, this baby could be mine.

Image: Pottery barn

I set off on a mission to find a ladder for my living room, but I wasn't paying $179.  Jason and I came across a great ladder at an antique store around the corner from our house called Barn House.

We placed it behind a leather chair in our family room and I draped an antique flag over it.

I'm reallly loving how it looks with the flag as a backdrop behind the chair.

I love when people take an ordinary object and use it for a completely different purpose -- one of the common techniques among many interior designers.  Ladders are just one of the many objects that are often re-purposed in decorating.

Some people use ladders as pot hangers in their kitchens.

Image: Woman's Day

Here, a step ladder is used as a plant stand.

Image: Country Living

And here, a ladder is painted white and incorporated into a holiday display with a wreath.

Image: Country Living

But one of my favorites, and probably one that Jason and I will soon copy is here, where the ladder is turned sideways and used as a shelf.  I love it.

What about you? Have you used ladders to decorate?

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  1. Your ladder looks great and I love that flag of yours!

  2. I'm totally jealous! i want one too!
    I'll need to keep my eyes out, for sure!!
    Thanks for opening my eyes to such a simple thing, that makes a great statement!

  3. I've been on the hunt for the perfect ladder (that's affordable/cheap) for awhile now. Hanging them on the wall as shelves is a great idea. I've never seen that before. Now, I need a few ladders!

  4. I've always liked ladders used in rooms as decoration. Yours looks great - and at Christmas you can steal that wreath idea. I also like them in bathrooms with towels over the rungs.

  5. Stephenie,

    I have two in my home. One in Thomas' pub used across the ceiling to hold beer mugs and the other in the bathroom as a towel rack. Yours looks great in your family room. I would love to add a library ladder to our book cases.

    Your Friend,

  6. svinch@twcny.rr.comMay 5, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    I have seen a half broken ladder used in the yard to drape wet clothing over when people came home from the beach.

  7. you are so sweet! I love your ladder. I want to find a small step ladder for our kitchen too...the list keeps getting bigger. Thanks for the mention!

  8. I like your ideas and pottery barns. Pottery barn also used it like a pot hanger but for pictures. I can't find it online, but saw it in their store.

  9. i just snagged an antique dark blue ladder for 25 bucks at an antique shop!!!


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