Sunday, May 16, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow

One of the best aspects of a Do-It-Yourself Wedding is that you get to keep all of the things you buy to decorate for your ceremony and reception.

After our DIY wedding (See Two Addicts Become One), we had an abundance of vases, baskets, buckets, and candles . . . not to mention a whole house full of beautiful flowers!  Because our honeymoon was delayed a couple of days due to inclement weather, we were able to return home after a couple of days of staying in our hotel.   When we walked in, it smelled like a florist's and the site was breathtaking.  There were shades of pink flowers in every room.

We couldn't stand the thought of throwing all of these flowers away, so we gave some to friends and relatives, but left the vast majority in the vases when we left for the honeymoon.  Needless to say, when we returned, it didn't exactly smell like a florist's anymore.

Anyway, I still use many of the items around my house that I used in my wedding.

One of the items that have gotten a lot of use recently are the little tin buckets that were used to hold rose petals for guests to toss after our ceremony.  See them hanging on the chairs at the end of each row?

For a long time, these little buckets were stuffed away in closets.  Then I discovered chalkboard paint and used them on my mantel.

Most recently, Imani got busy planting herbs in them for my windowsill herb garden.

I wrote with chalk what was planted in each container and placed them on my window sill, just above my sink.  You'll see that the cilantro is growing the fastest, which makes me happy because it's one of my all-time favorite herbs.  Jason, on the other hand, hates cilantro.  He thinks it's overpowering.

Do you have an herb garden?  What's your favorite herb?

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  1. I have a few of those buckets and have used them for the usual (holding crayons, pencils, etc.) This is a cute idea for using them. They look great in the window. That's also a very clever use of them at your wedding. That's my kind of thing.

  2. They're so cute. I've got herbs, exactly the same as yours plus some italian parsley and lemon thyme as well. And cilantro (or coriander) as we call it here is also my favourite - I even put it on chilli con carne!!

  3. Very clever idea! Ive never used chalkboard paint, but have been dying to do so. This is a fantastic project!


  4. I would love a window herb garden. What a fun way to reuse.

  5. What a great-looking herb garden! I've got a vegie patch with a few herbs in as well that is in complete disarray, and a few other potted herbs, but I really need to get more organised, and matching pots is a great idea - now just have to find the right pots.

  6. So cute with the herbs and grouping them en masse like that, but the chalkboard paint kicked this up into another level. Very clever!

  7. This is fantastic idea. An the same time you have your decor in the kitchen.

    I have several herbs hanging in my outdoor kitchen which I just finished.

    Have a wonderful day.

  8. What a great idea!! I love the buckets with herbs on your mantel.They look great...Kathy

  9. We have herbs planted all over the backyard. Everything from a huge rosemary plant to oregano, 3 kinds of mint, marjoram, 2 kinds of thyme, and the newly planted dill, tarragon and 2 basil plants.
    I have found lots of uses for rosemary- but I am super excited about having fresh dill and tarragon on hand.
    The basil is great to have every year- and the bunnies love to eat the extra!

  10. Your little pots are SO CUTE! I've often wanted to grow a little herb garden, but I'm ashamed to say I'm still paying way too much for fresh herbs at the grocery store! Thanks for linking up to Shop The House Sunday!

  11. what a great idea! so glad i hopped on over from the creative girl! these would look perfect on my kitchen windowsill! hugs!

  12. What a fantastic project! A truly neat metamorphosis.

    It took 23 years to complete my most recent project. Come take a peek.

  13. Yes I have an herb garden, although around here they are called kitchen gardens. It's outdoors. My favorite herb? I love bee balm, lavender and mint.


  14. I do not have an herb garden but this idea is so super cute that I might have to have one now!


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