Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bed Alcoves

Although the color scheme we selected for Imani's room seems very mature, I am hoping that we will be able to add some touches to make it feel fun. 

One idea I have is to somehow create a bed alcove.  What kid doesn't like having her own little alcove to climb into and read or draw or pretend?

So this isn't a definite yet . . . because I still have to convince Mr. Can Man to actually create this.  He is still a bit resistant to the whole color scheme . . . and since I am in Dallas, it's hard to really sit down and show him all of my plans for Imani's room.  Hopefully, he reads this blog at work each day.

And hopefully, Imani DOESN'T read this blog at day camps each day.  Otherwise, there won't be much of a surprise when we reveal her room to her!

So here are some bed alcoves I found to inspire the project.  I figure at the very least, I could hang some curtains to make the bed feel like an alcove, right?

I like the curved arch around this one:

I like the red curtains here:

Absolutely love the curved arch around this one too.

I like that the next photo has a light in the alcove.  I also like the mirror in there on the wall and the storage beneath the bed.

Again, the next one is framed in but I like that it has the pillows up against the wall like a day bed.

This photo also has the bed framed in and also has storage beneath the bed.

Hopefully, we can do something similar in Imani's room because I think she will love it.

Only one more night and I am home from Dallas. Yippeee.


  1. svinch@twcny.rr.comJune 30, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    I too like the alcove for Imani's bed, love that day bed look for the day time!
    I think she would love a alcove and she would like it if she could use the curtains when she wants to hide away to read or pretend or sleep, it would be like tenting but inside!

  2. I've always loved alcoves and always wanted one. What a lucky girl if you can make this happen. I really like the ones that have enough space for little shelves on the side. Can't wait to see this! Hope you enjoyed your stay in Dallas.

  3. I LOVE this idea!
    I wanted to do something similar in the girls's room when they get bigger, and we take their bunk beds apart. I was thinking something like THIS
    It's cheaper and affordable. lol


  4. I love the alcove idea. It is so gorgeous! I think it will look great!

    -Danielle P.

  5. Shelley -
    Thanks for the inspiration pic! Although my heart is set on an alcove, you're right . . . it would be much less expensive (and much less time consuming) to try this.

  6. The beds are all beautiful. I like the decorations and it made the whole thing so comfortable.

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  8. I love how alcoves and nooks make a space seem so cozy, comfortable, and safe, and many of them utilize otherwise wasted space in a room. If you're building into a tight space in a room, foam mattresses are really smart since they can be folded and rolled to get into places regular mattresses can't.


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