Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

When Imani picked out the red electric guitar wall hanging and the "I Love Rock" wall art, the colors came to me.

I decided we would get Imani black and white bedding and accent the room with red. The walls would be a soft grey or white.

I will say up front that Jason HATES this idea. He thinks it is going to be depressing and too boring for a kid's room, but I am determined to create a 'music' inspired room.

Jason also hates the thought of buying more bedding.  He (justifiably) reminded me that we have spent a considerable amount of money on bedding in the past 6 months. 

What can I say?  I have two things I LOVE to update . . . bedding and shoes . . . and our bank account proves it.

Anyway , here are some pictures I found for inspiration:

First, I love the black and white floral pattern on this bedding and the vintage suitcases at the end of the bed not only complement the decor, but would be a great place to hide toys!

Love, love, love the red hedboard in the next photo.  I know that purchasing a new headboard is definitely out of the question, but I am considering using red as an accent color in Imani's room.

Stephen Shubel

I adore the next room, but it might be a little too gothic looking for some.  I am in love with the chandelier and really like the feminine lines of the headboard and footboard.  I also like the wall paper but will probably never wall paper my own house.

Finally, I really like the white chandeliers hanging on each side of the bed.  Having a black accent wall really draws attention to the the white chandeliers.  I also love the fluffy white bedding.

So I can tell you that in addition to not buying a new headboard, we will NOT be wall papering or painting any walls black.  I know how far I can push my husband, and I know these three things are DEFINITELY out of the question.

What I can tell you is that Imani's new room will have black and white bedding, accents of red, and a chandelier.   And of course, her room will have these two wall hangings:

And even though painting over the pink might cause my husband pain, I have to admit . . . I cannot wait. 


  1. Stephenie,

    I have a room in The Fairfield House with this EXACT color scheme! Imani (and Jason) will love this completed room. I too am constantly changing up bedding. Have you considered using duvet covers?

    Your Friend,

  2. hee hee... isn't decorating so fun :)

  3. i am seriously not trying to pimp my blog or anything, but if you are interested in looking at that color scheme, please take a look at my dining room.

    i have a black table and chairs with white cushions. black and white and red artwork on gray 2 tone walls with white chair rail. red and white accents on table.

    i could totally picture that guitar in this room, b/c colorwise it would go. can't wait to see what you pick for her room!

  4. If it were all black and gray and white, I'd be with Jason, but the red accents will make all the difference in the world. Imani will love it, since she picked the inspiration pieces. What's more, it will be a classic look that Jason won't have to repaint for a long time!

    Can't wait to see the finished product!


  5. I think it'll be beautiful!! And cool enough to take her through her whole adolescence. Can't wait to see it!

  6. Your images are gorgeous Stephenie! I love the first two the most! Your hubby sounds like mine. We won't be wall papering or painting any walls black either! ; ) xx

  7. Hi Stephenie - My daughter is also 9 and we recently re-did her room in black, white & red. Her obsession is Paris and all things French. She's planning on moving there, seriously! She really wanted red walls, but I wasn't so sure. We compromised with three silvery-grey walls and one red wall. We still have a ways to go (painting trim, hanging sheers over her bed canopy-style, a chandelier) but she really loves it. We got our main pieces (bedding, curtains, lamps) all at target online. They don't match per se, but they do coordinate.
    Here are a few pics of her room:
    Oh! And since this is like the 5th (and last - for awhile anyway) time that we've re-done her room, I do have a trick to keep hubby happy. I always sell the "old" stuff on eBay. If you've never sold online before, you'd be surprised at how much people will pay for your used bedding! I always make enough to pay for almost all of the new stuff!
    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. Deborah,

    Yes, we do use duvet covers for our bedroom, but I haven't been as successful in finding what I'm looking for in Imani's room so I always end up buying comforters. I should probably spend more time looking . . . I'm a bit of an impulse buyer :-(

  9. Angela,
    I've never sold anything on Ebay but I've purchased a whole lot! There is a used furniture store in my town that buys old stuff so I generally try there first, or I donate to the Salvation Army. I've always thought ebay would be a lot of work, but maybe I should give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks also for posting the link to your daughter's room! It looks great! What a change from the dark blue before! I really like the accent wall.

  10. Miss Corner Cape,
    Thank you for posting the link to your dining room. I love the color scheme and can't wait to get started on Imani's room!

  11. Hi Stephanie - Solid aesthetics! I landed upon your blog while looking for ideas for our master bedroom, which is a deep red. We have an espresso wood sleigh bed that has leather. Nothing else in the room until we can afford two night stands and a chest. I was thinking it would be good to follow this color scheme, but not sure how to pull it off without overdoing the black and white. Would you recommend a simple white curtain, and then do the black and white pattern bedding? What kind of accents should I pick for the walls, black and white too right?

  12. @ Kathy - Unfortunately, your email isn't set up so that I can respond to you directly, so hopefully, you'll come back and get this comment! If you want to email me a picture of your bedroom and wall color directly, I'd be happy to give you more specific advice ( You have a few options. You could go with white curtains, and black and white bedding with red throw pillows or you could go with black curtains with white bedding. Accents in the room could be gray, black and white or red. YOu should check out my daughter's room on here. It's the post titled "Imani's rock star room." I used this color scheme (she has black curtains). Good luck! I'd love to see the finished product!


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