Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sally Ann Goods

I keep telling myself not to buy anything until after we move in July.  My  friend Lori keeps reminding me that every time I buy something, that is just another object that needs to be packed up and moved.  I keep telling her that if she'd finish her darn foyer already, I could blog about that and I wouldn't have to purchase anymore objects for projects!

In all seriousness, I like Lori's advice and use it all the time when Imani asks for something in the store.  It works perfectly.

Imani:  "Mom, can I have (insert any random toy or object here)?" 

Me:  "No, sweetie, anything we buy now is just another object we have to pack and move in July."

But unfortunately, I haven't followed Lori's advice for myself as much as I should.

We're definitely not doing any home improvement projects around here since we are preparing to move (as I'm sure you've noticed by my limited number of posts lately) and I have certainly slowed down with purchasing stuff lately. 

But on a recent trip to Sally Ann's, I couldn't pass up three things.

First, I found this brand-new lamp from Target. 

 I was so psyched because it was only $4.50!  Did I mention it is brand new . . . as in, tags are all still on it and the cord is still all wrapped up?

I plugged it in at the store and it worked!  I was so thrilled because it is similar to the lamps I have in my sitting room, which I think I paid $17 for about two years ago.

Next, I found this scummy wooden dish/planter that I am going to use for another project, which I'll post about tomorrow.  It was 99 cents.

Finally, I found these little framed pictures.  Imani has been begging me to get her two frames for a project she is working on for the computer nook.  These are perfect for what we have in mind. 

I was a bit disappointed with the price, $1.50 each, but I liked that they were real wood and that they matched.  I also liked the design in the wood and they are the perfect size for Imani's project.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you the finished project this week.

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  1. I had those two pictures years ago. I can't remember if I donated them or kept them for the frames! What a deal on the lamp! Never heard of a Sally Anns but sounds great :)

  2. I was thinking of emailing you to find out all the good thrifty spots in Ithaca, because as you show here you have a good one. I would love it if you let me know all the great spots. :)

  3. Even though you have to move them surely you can't pass up great bargains like those can you! No, surely not :)

  4. WOW! You found some great deals! I just love bargain shopping. Hope you have a great week! ~Andrea

  5. Anita,
    My apologies!!! I call The Salvation Army "Sally Ann's"! :-)

  6. Cindy (And anyone else looking for great spots in Ithaca),

    Here are the places I like to go:

    Hub's Place -- it's a junk collector's dream!!! If you go, it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays (usually until Sundown). There is the main building, which is a small building behind the house and there is also the space behind the main building, which is outdoors. Then, there is also a barn with three floors. It is jam-packed with junk. Nothing is labeled for a price, but they give great deals. Tell them I sent you -- Stephenie, Jason and Imani -- the people who go almost every weekend and just bought a new house. They will likely laugh. I keep trying to get them to let me take their pictures so I can blog about them, but they are having none of it! Hub's Place is located on Route 79 heading out of Ithaca toward Watkins Glen. It's about a 5 minute drive from downtown.

    The Salvation Army, which I call "Sally Ann's" -- Great prices -- and there are a lot of people in Ithaca with money (I am not one of them), so they usually have good stuff reasonably priced.

    Any garage sales in the Cayuga Heights area of Ithaca -- it's where all the doctors and lawyers live!

    Snooty Fox Antiques - Definitely a bit pricier, but the people are WONDERFUL and if you like antiques, you can get lots of good ideas on how to set things up in your home, even if you don't buy anything. Again, they know me because I blogged about them. Tell them I sent you! They are two of the nicest human beings I have ever been fortunate enough to meet. They are only open on Saturdays and are located in Newfield, NY - about a 5 minute drive out of Ithaca on Route 13 toward Elmira.

    Finally, Significant Elements -- architectural salvage. This is a cool architectural salvage place if you're renovating your home or if you want some old moldings to do projects, etc. They have "free Fridays' the third Friday of the month or something, but I cannot remember. It should be on their website.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any success!


  7. Great little lamp and I love the wooden compote. I'm sure you will make something lovely with it. I sure don't envy you during moving time. Our last move almost did me in!! Hope this is our forever home!

    I'm having a WEDDING BLOG PARTY on June 25th (my first ever to hostess!) so please stop by if you are interested and read about it ~ I'd love to have you join us! And there will be another sweet giveaway, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. Stephenie,

    The third photograph showcasing your amazing find in a sweet vignette is magazine worthy. Great eye.

    Your Friend,


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