Friday, September 7, 2012

Cheers! Here's to Jason's Birthday.

Here's to making dreams come true.
He makes my crazy home renovation ideas a reality.
He creates elaborate Halloween costumes that I cooked up but could never create on my own.
He stepped in as a father to Imani when I thought she'd be another fatherless statistic.
Here's to selflessness.

When we order a dessert to share, he always picks the most chocolatey thing on the menu, even though he's more of a fruity dessert kind of guy. Then, he saves the last bite for me.

He goes without so we can have. He drives an old beater and he had a flip phone until just last week when it broke and I insisted he get an iPhone.

Here's to showing guys that it's cool to be romantic.

He runs extension cords out to the 'wooded' area in our yard and strings white lights up in the trees, places a blanket on the ground and creates an entire picnic as a surprise for me while I take an afternoon nap.
He climbs waterfalls and places candles on the ledges to create the perfect atmosphere to propose .

Here's to believing in your wife.
He is my biggest fan (okay he might be tied with my mother) . . . But he believes in my ability to do just about anything - even art, despite the fact that I tell him I don't know how to color inside the lines.

Here's to keepin' it real.
When we first met, he took me on a picnic. I was so impressed he had a fancy picnic basket and when I commented on it, he stopped me and told me he purchased it just before the date.
Here's to random surprises!

He brings back small surprises from the store - from bouncy balls to orange circus peanuts to milky way midnights to four inch heels.
Here's to noticing the details .

From adding trim work in our house to purchasing clothes that fit to coping the edges on the pool.
Here's to loving your momma!

He loves and respects his mother.
And he's teaching his kids to do the same.
Here's to putting your family first.

His priorities are in order and he emphasizes how important it is for us all to work together and support each other.
He truly enjoys spending time together - from picking blueberries to eating together at the table each night to watching movies to taking walks.
Here's to having a sense of humor.

He makes jokes all the time and he brought laughter back into my life when I didn't think there was much to laugh about.
Here's to couponing.

He IS the Coupon Cowboy. He rocks Rite Aid every single week. People 'shop' in my pantry when they visit.
Enough said.
Here's to defying societal expectations.

He's a stay at home dad so that our kids are not being raised by someone else - and he's damn good at it!
Here's to neatness and perfection.

It's not me, I swear. Everyone thinks my house is clean and tidy because of me. The truth is . . . I'm a secret slob. He's got OCD in a good way.
Here's to artistic talent.

There isn't anything he CAN'T do. Seriously. As a result, he sometimes gets roped into doing lots of crafts for me. I forget his scholarship was for FINE ART, not crafts.
Here's to music.
He's introduced us to bands we otherwise would have never heard  . . . and he changes the lyrics to all the music we know that is overplayed on hits one to make us laugh (or annoy us, depending on the song).
Here's to pushing yourself beyond what you think your body can do.

He is the fastest runner I know - and I know a lot of runners :-)

And yes, he has a six pack (and I'm not talking about the kind in your fridge).
Here's to patience, kindness, forgiveness and goodness.

He's got a one-way ticket to Heaven, I swear.
Here's to valuing life.

He taught me that every day is a gift. Value those around you and let them know how much they mean to you.

Here's to Jason, who celebrates his birthday today.

You have changed my life. I love you.
Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to The Coupon Cowboy! I feel like I know Jason through Stephenie's wonderful words. I've said it before but it's worth repeating, the love you share for each other and your children shines brightly. Life is so much sweeter when you find your soulmate to share in the journey. Jason, judging from what I've seen of your work, you are a talented artist. Unlike so many today, that believe anyone who can compose a sentence is a writer or anyone who can put paint on a canvas is an artist, I feel these are God given gifts. I hope one day you share that gift with others and consider selling your work. Enjoy your day and best wishes for a wonderful year!
    Your Friend,


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