Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Treasures

Jason and I ventured out to a local antique store this weekend that was having a flea market. I'm so excited to share what we found!

First off, I found this awesome old hitching post top. It reminded me of some of the cast horse busts I keep seeing in Restoration Hardware.  
Isn't it gorgeous?!  I was so stinkin' excited when I found it!
Maybe you think I'm crazy, but take a look at the recent Restoration Hardware catalogue.  Better yet, I'll show you.
By the way, did anyone notice how incredibly THICK the most recent Restoration Hardware catalogue is?  I was so excited to come home to that baby waiting in my mailbox!   The images were taken with my iPhone right out of their latest magazine, so please excuse the quality. . . you get the idea.
This 19th Century Realist Carved Horse head could be yours for just $395.

How about this one, which sits proudly on the mantel. The price tag? $159.

The price for my flea market find?
50 Bucks.
I love looking at it on my end table in our family room.
The next item was an old horn that Jason was drawn to. I didn't really know where I was going to put such a piece, but I figured for $10 it would be a nice piece to decorate with at Christmas time.

I also picked up some cool jewelry. I love this cameo locket.
It just happened to match my shirt that day.
And since all of the jewelry at this vendor's table was only $2 each, I snagged three necklaces.

Two were lockets with cute little kid's pictures inside.

The first was the cameo I mentioned above. Here are the pictures that were inside.
The second locket is a bit smaller, with a green stone above the locket.

Even though I found these lockets on different displays at the same booth, they were both belonging to the same person.

Here are the kids' pictures in this locket.
At a closer look, I realized the lockets had pictures of the same children in them, just at different ages in their life. I began opening other lockets in the booth and sure enough, there were more pictures of the same kids.

Here is a better picture for you so you can clearly see the two images of the same kid at different ages.
 It must have been jewelry from an estate sale, but what saddened me is that no one bothered to keep the pictures.

I have a hard time throwing away someone's memories, even if their loved ones didn't stop to keep them. So these little kid's pictures are tucked away in a little decorative box in my bedroom. If you have any suggestions of what to do with someone's old pictures, please let me know. 

This happens when I buy old frames too. I usually just put my picture over the original photo in a frame, but the locket makes it a bit harder - and besides- it does feel weird to keep someone else's pictures, but it just feels wrong to throw them away.
Anyway, the last necklace I bought is a bit more flashy.
What's cool is that it's actually a brooch too.
I love getting vintage jewelry because no one else has it  (same goes for vintage clothes)  It makes me excited to go to work on Monday morning and put on something new .. . and what's even better is that it only cost me $2!
We also bought some old maps for an art project Jason plans on doing. Stay tuned because it's really cool.

That's all from the flea market. Did you find anything interesting this weekend?

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  1. Stephenie,
    I love the horse bust from the antique hitching post BETTER than the ones offered at Restoration Hardware. Your piece has a story behind it. I always imagine my antiques when they were knew, what the world was like, who used them. Jason's French Horn find will look spectacular with some greenery and a velvet ribbon for the holidays. I too often look at old photos that end up at Good Will and wonder why no one took the time to save the photos. Was that the end of the family line? I've seen a lot of mixed media collages made with vintage photographs. I have no doubt your in house artist could create something using them. Looking forward to your next post. I'm getting spoiled!
    Your Friend,

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that horse!!! What an incredible find!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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