Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Could it be? Christmas Cards out on time?!

Every year I order my Christmas cards through Shutterfly or some other online company that prints cards.
But this year, thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired to make my own cards.  I found the cutest, simplest Christmas card on Pinterest so I totally copied it.
I'm happy to say they were finished before Thanksgiving and sent out just a week after (only because I didn't want to send them TOO early).
I'm so proud of myself.  
I started by taking a million pictures of Imani and Noah one Saturday while Jason was sleeping in (since he gets up with Noah more than I do, he gets Saturdays to sleep in).
I couldn't catch a photo of both of them smiling.  Either Imani was all smiles and Noah looked miserable, or Noah was all smiles and Imani blinked. 
So I settled on a cute photo of the two of them in a tree in our back yard.  Imani is smiling and Noah is looking thougtfully into the distance.
After I took the picture I used my PicFrame app to adjust the color and give it more of a vintage feel.  Then, I placed my order right from my iphone on PostalPix.
The pictures arrived just a few days later.

I bought some brown cardstock at AC Moore for $4.99 and some red and white baker's twine.
This stuff wasn't easy to find.  It's all over the internet, but for those of you who know me, you know I'm very impatient.  So Imani and I spent an entire day going store to store to find it.  We finally found it at a local stationary boutique that Imani suggested I try.  It wasn't cheap.  $18 for the roll (but it will last me a LONG time if I resist the urge to wrap everything up with it.  I love it).
Since the cardstock came in a folded version, and I just wanted mine to be one-sided 5 by 7 inches, I asked Jason to cut all of the cards in half.  He's much neater than I am and he's very precise  . . . measuring to make sure his cuts are exact. 
I don't like rulers. We don't get along.
So Jason cut all of the cards so that I could make my Pinterest vision come to life.
I sat down one Sunday afternoon with a glue stick, a pair of scissors, my photos, my newly loved baker's twine, cardstock and my iphone set to Pandora's classic Christmas station.
Before I knew it, I'd cranked out a whole bunch of these adorable, hand-made Christmas cards.

I'm in love with them.


  1. Stephenie they are perfect, I love the contrast between the black print, brown cardstock and the teeny tiny bit of red & white - it's simply put. And of course so much better that you made it yourself. Nice work.

  2. Very nice job, they are wonderful.

  3. Very nice job, they are absolutely wonderful!

  4. Stephenie,
    The presentation is almost as sweet as the two beautiful children in the photograph!
    Your Friend,

  5. Did you print on a regular desktop printer?


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