Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homemade Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is in full-swing.
Have you started making any of your gifts yet?
I haven't!
But I sure have spent a good deal of time on Pinterest finding great gifts to make.  If I actually got off of Pinterest and started making some of these amazing gifts, I might be in good shape.
Every year, Imani and I try to make at least a couple of homemade gifts.  One year it was Christmas ornaments, one year it was cookie mix in Ball jars, and one year we knitted gifts.
I also try to make something for Imani each year.  I've knitted her fingerless gloves and even made a quilt once (I'm NOT a seamstress . . . AT ALL).
Making homemade gifts shows the person to whom you're giving  that you actually took the time to create something for them.  Anyone can slap down a little cash or a credit card at Target and check someone off their list.

Another reason I love homemade gift giving is because it's quality time spent with my child.  We enjoy the time making something for someone else . . . and it teaches generosity far more than purchasing something in the store.

The problem is, we're all pressed for time . . . so of course I buy gifts in the store just like everyone else, but I do make a point to make at least a few gifts each year. 
Here are some of my favs from the wonderful world of Pinterest.
Hopefully, I'll get a chance to make at least a couple.

Photo Coasters

People love getting gifts of photos -- whether the photos are of memories you shared together, your kids, their kids, their dog, or an artistic photo, this is sure to be a winner.

Cinnamon Honey Butter

Seriously? Who wouldn't want this?  I little jar of goodness.  Yum.


DIY Photo Canvas
Photo canvases are all the rage. You can find companies all over the Internet with various sizes of photo canvas options.  I love the idea of trying to make one myself.


                                                                              Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

Photo Board

If the photo canvas isn't your thing and you'd like something a bit more rustic, try this photo board, using just an inexpensive board from your local hardware store and Modge Podge!


Cute Chalk Board

This one is a dollar store tray turned chalk board embellished with a ribbon.  I LOVE it.  I would like it even more if the tray were a vintage tray, but I love it nonetheless.  It would make a great hostess gift. 


                                                                                            Source: via Stephenie on Pinterest

Recipes in a Jar
I  had to include this one because it's one of my favorite gifts to receive and to give.  Let's face it, everyone is busy.  I love having a little jar of yummy where all I have to do is add oil, water and eggs and I have my recipe done.    There are so many "food in a jar" variations.

Homemade Hot Cocoa



Photo Pillows

Can you tell I like to give photo gifts?


Recipe Tea Towels

Transfer a family recipe to a tea towel.





Ice Cream Sundae Kit

I once got a gift like this when I was a teacher and I thought it was the cutest idea.  I love ice cream . . . and I like to make my ice cream fancy with LOTS of toppings but I hate spending money on all of those toppings.  So this gift is right up my alley.

There are so many wonderful ideas for homemade gifts on Pinterest.

What are your favorite gifts to make?  What are you making this year?

 If you see a homemade gift idea that you think is extra special, post it to Decorating Addiction's Facebook page wall, email it to me or put the link in the comments below.   I'd love to see it!



  1. Nice ideas. I was searching for something like this, as I want to present something special this year.


  2. Love these ideas. Recipes in a jar looks nice and yummy! Thanks for these Suggestions!

  3. Love these ideas. Recipes in a jar looks nice and yummy! Thanks for these Suggestions!

  4. Like it a lot. Those designs are cool. Nice.

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