Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coupon Cowboy's Deal of the Week

The Coupon Cowboy is now feeling much better.

But his sickness didn't stop him from clipping coupons this week in search of the best deals.

He found a lot of good deals - so many that we saved  $134.59  total on groceries this week (between store discounts and coupons).  We spent $175 total.

I asked him what he thought the best deal was this week and without hesitation, he said,

"Definitely the Gillette Fusion Proglide razor at Rite Aid."

Here's the deal:

Rite Aid has the razor for $9.99. 

When you use your Rite Aid store savings card, you will get an Up Rewards (like a coupon you can use toward any other purchase in the store) for $5.00. 

We had a manufacturer's coupon that we found in our weekly circular for $4.00 off the price of the razor.

So the total price for the $9.99 razor was 99 cents.

Not bad, huh?

We've found the deepest savings when we combine a store coupon with a manufacturer's
coupon for an item.

Oh, and the Cowboy has gotten a little crazy with Rite Aid.  There are videos you can watch on their website that give you coupons toward your total purchase . . . some up to $5 off your total in store purchase -- just for watching the little infomercials (No, I am NOT getting any kickbacks from Rite Aid for writing these posts!  Just sharing our personal experiences . . . )

Mr. Cowboy has now asked me to open an account and watch little infomercials so that we can save even more money.  I haven't watched any yet, much to his disappointment.

He gets a big high from the amount of money we've saved.

And I have to admit . . . I get a big rush out of it too!

Happy Saving!

Psssst . . .  In case you're wondering, we aren't buying anything we wouldn't normally use! That's when couponing can become dangerous so don't get caught in the trap of purchasing items just because
it's a good deal. 

Psssst . . . . You can find coupons for healthy food too - just search the web.  We've found coupons for almonds, yogurt, cereal, milk, Fiber One bars, and eggs.  Also - don't EVER pay full price for cereal or toothpaste! You can get these items almost every week for next to nothing.

Tell us, what was your best deal this week (or your best savings tip?)


  1. I used coupons this week and I saved about $80 on the grocery bill. Not to bad but nothing like you guys are doing! I have to admit alot of coupons are for processed things and I find them not to be healthy so I don't use them.But the ones I found I combined with the sale at the store and that is how I saved $80.
    I think my best deal was tysons chicken strips the store had a sale for $5.99 (they are normally 7.99) and I had a coupon for $1.50 off and the store doubled the coupon so I got them for 2.99 not to bad for a big bag of chicken strips.

    I think coupon clipping cowboy should start a blog and let people know where the best deals are for the week,hey who knows it just might help someone who is on a restricted income.

  2. I've never heard of a store doubling a coupon for more than $1. Good for you! And no chance Jason would ever start a blog . . . sorry! I've tried to get him to post on here, but no luck so far!

  3. Amazing savings. I've never been organized enough to use coupons, but I also swear we don't have as good deals up here in Canada. Not sure about that though since I don't faithfully clip coupons.

  4. Stephenie -

    Impressive savings! I agree with your mom, Jason should let us know where the best deals are for the week. If he doesn't want his own blog or to write a weekly post, what if you interview him once a week?
    "Coffee with the Coupon Cowboy" or something like that.
    Tell Jason that Thomas has him beat on razors. He uses a straight razor which cost $25 and will outlast him! His shaving soap cost $1.39 and lasts 3 months.

    Your Friend,

  5. Deborah,
    I like the way you think . . . the interview is not a bad idea!!! I admire anyone who uses a straight razor!

  6. The coupons in the states are amazing. Our stores definitely don't do the double thing nor do many of them offer store coupons - just the manufacturer ones. I look at the coupons we get in the mail/paper but they are usually for things we don't buy. Good to hear that you are only buying what you would normally but with coupons. Not like some of those people on that TLC show the other week about super couponers! You aren't saving if you aren't using the stuff. I think it is funny how excited your husband gets and that he searches out the coupons.


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