Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joys of Motherhood

As usual, Imani woke up before me on Sunday.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed and headed to the bathroom, I could hear Imani scurrying around in a hurry outside of my bedroom.

Here is what I found hanging in my doorway.

In case you can't see her hurried handwriting, here is a closer look,

On my dresser was a tray with a bowl of cereal . . . breakfast in bed.

There was a sweet card included, which read,

"Thank you . . ."  (on the outside)

and on the inside:

"For being the best mom ever and helping me, making me
feel better when I have worries, and for
giving me a life and a home.  I love you.


And here it is with her hurried handwriting once again :-)

These are the joys of being a mom.


  1. Oh My I teared up at this, what a wonderful thing to find.. I love those sweet notes my children write to me I have saved every one..

  2. So sweet! Those are the moments (and keepsakes) that make the hard stuff oh so bearable. Love it!



  3. That brought tears to my eyes (well maybe that's because I'm not feeling well), but it is so sweet of her. Did she do this for your birthday?

  4. Oh my goodness, what a little honey! You had your very own special Mother's Day!

  5. What a GREAT way to wake up!! SOOOOOO very sweet!

  6. Awww, don't you just love those? So awesome and sweet!

    Please come over and enter my giveaway!!

  7. Those little moments, gestures and notes are the kinds of things I treasure. It just doesn't get any better than that.

  8. @ Grace - Nope . . . this wasn't for my birthday. It was "Just Because," which is what made it all the more special!

  9. Oh, that is SO sweet. It's things like that that keeps us moms going. Great job Imani for appreciating your Mommy. Stephenie, take it from a Mom of a 17yr old & a 8yr old, it seems that it goes away fast esp. after the age of about 12. 1 reason I'm not letting my 8yr old get any older, lol.
    ~ Deanna

  10. I would love for you to link this sweet post to my Fridays Unfolded linky at



  11. Stephenie,

    Not sure how I missed this post. I check your blog daily (as you know). How very sweet of Imani to acknowledge all you do for her and express that gratitude.
    These are the things that matter, the things we will recall when all is said and done; not what our homes looked like or how much we weighed or what kind of car we drive -- but who we loved and who loved us.

    Your Friend,


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