Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Love

I keep hoping the Groundhog is right and that Winter is nearly over. 

And then we get more snow.

So I figured instead of complaining, I'd celebrate what I love about Winter to get me
through these last few weeks.

Hot cocoa


Freshly fallen snow resting on pine trees

Making snowmen (this was a couple of years ago . . . in APRIL. Let's hope we aren't making snowmen in April this year).

Taking walks in winter (though I don't go as often as I'd like)

Putting a coat on Maggie

Seeing streams peaking their way through the snow

The joy in Imani's face when she plays in the snow.

Hearing the crunching beneath my feet

And seeing that another creature walked the same path before me.

Imani's obsession with feety pajamas, even though she's ten years old.

What do you love about Winter?


  1. I am NOT a winter person, which is probably why I love living in Texas so much. I do love freshly fallen show, but hate it once it's been driven over and it's all yucky. My girls do love it though!

  2. The tracks with your footprints are a bit scary to me. The snow is beautiful but I can imagine that enough is enough. It's finally been nice here, mostly 60's-70's. Hope it sticks around. Last year we had snow the first week of March.

  3. I am not looking forward to winter at all but As it draws nearer I will try and remember all of the good things about winter and that Hot Chocolate looks wonderful. xx

  4. Stephenie,

    What a sweet post with beautiful images. I prefer winter over summer but fall and spring best. The snow and cold don't bother me as much as the wind (remember I am on a peninsula surrounded by acres of flat farm land). Hot chocolate, hearing freshly fallen snow crunch under foot, skiing, sledding, ice skating, feeding the birds and watching them all gather, cashmere sweaters, mittens, the annual arrival of thousands of snow geese...

    Your Friend,

    PS Thank you for the shout out for the Post Card Exchange! So happy you are participating again this year.

  5. I love winter! Snow, I love snow, it is more then just cold, it is the blanket that covers the ground to make even the unsightly yard look beautiful! I love the snow, I love to be driving when it is snowing the big fluffy flakes. I love to have a cup of cocoa and be sitting looking out my dinning room window when the snow is coming down softly like a snow globe that was just shook up.
    I love the animals that come into the yard to be feed during the winter months....I watch the rabbits eat the apples that were placed under the pines tree for them by my husband.
    Winter tracks are the best, trying to indentify the animal that left them behind.
    The sledding, the bobcat snow machine rides the snow ball fights , it is a time when all can show there childish side and not worry about what people think.
    And winter is GODs way of Helping the earth to clear the air so to speak.


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