Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's the Day!

Yes, it's the day that Verizon FINALLY will be offering the iphone 4, although I'm still not sure I'll be  getting it because now I'm addicted to my Droid, but you never know.

But today is also the day my parents brought me into this world more than 30 years ago :-)

Don't ask me why I have a Mohawk . . . My parents swear they didn't cut my hair that way but it does
look awfully straight, doesn't it?

In celebration of all things Stephenie, I am going to list 25 random facts about myself
(because really, I still feel like I'm 25).

1. I am a HUGE chocolate lover. I consider it a food group and eat at least one piece every day.

2. I played basketball, softball (and soccer briefly) in high school.

3. I originally went to college to be a journalist.

4. Then switched to teaching

5. And somehow ended up in sales.

6. I am always thinking of opening my own business.

7. Before I met Jason, I was a single mom -- an experience that gave me
more strength than I ever thought I had.

8. I prefer natural, unmedicated childbirth but I don't judge those who choose medication.

9. I am seven and a half month's pregnant with a little boy, who is still nameless.

10. I've always wanted to learn to downhill ski.

11. I loved to roller skate as a kid (my best childhood friend Jennifer and I RULED the roller skating floor with our backward skate!)

12. I have one older sister whom I adore.

13. I secretly want to stay home instead of work but I have a good gig and have trouble giving it up.

14. I love to read, but don't read as much as I'd like.

15. I'm an avid knitter.

16. I won a Home and Careers Award in the eighth grade
 (but I wasn't really crafty until I was inspired by magazines and blogs).

17. My husband and I love to work out and eat fairly clean
(except during this pregnancy and my chocolate each day:-)

18. I'm very social and like to host parties.

19. I love shoes.  They are my favorite part of any outfit.

20.   I like to dress up and wear make up.
21. I wish I were a morning person and have tried on several occasions to make myself one without success.

22. I believe in God

23. I tell my daughter not to wake me up before 10 am on weekends
(which will quickly come to an end once the baby is born!). It doesn't mean I sleep until 10 every weekend,
but the rule is in place in case I want to! 

I cannot believe I just shared that. 

Yes, I'm spoiled.
24. I don't really watch television but often wish I could get more into it
so I wouldn't feel out of the loop!

25.  I'm lucky. I win a lot of random things.

Thanks for letting me share 25 things about myself with you on my special day.

I hope you'll eat something chocolate today.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm a chocoholic so I understand the need for chocolate. Have a great birthday today. I'm sure all of your wishes will come true because it sounds as though many already have. You're a lucky girl!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so proud of you! May you have a great day! And have a big piece of chocolate today to celebrate you!
    Love you !

  3. Happy Birthday Stephenie! You made me laugh out loud with your Mohawk comment. You were born with perfectly trimmed hair. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. We have much in common.
    Have a great day celebrating all things YOU!
    Your Friend,

    PS Being a tech guy, Thomas insisted on i-phones since they first came out.

  4. Yay for Aquarians. My birthday is next Friday. Happy Birthday to you : ) I hope you have a wonderful day ~
    ~ Deanna

  5. Hi Stephenie,
    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!! It's nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing 25 things about youself. It's so much fun meeting such wonderful creative, and talented women with such lovely blogs.
    Susan : )

  6. Happy Birthday! You sleep in as long as you can. Enjoy your birthday weekend. Yes, you get the whole weekend!

  7. Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it, but I'm just catching up on my blog reading now. Very interesting 25 things. I can totally identify with the chocolate addiction. Today's my birthday - we're practically twins except that I'm old enough to be your mother (haha).


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