Friday, March 12, 2010

Can Man

As I already mentioned, Jason bought more coffee cans at Hub's Place last weekend, despite the fact that I kept telling him we have enough now.  He didn't listen.  He told me if they didn't look right, he'd use them to store "screws, nails, and what not." (FYI - "what not" is one of Jason's favorite expressions, along with 'good grief', which I always tell him he and Charlie Brown are the only people who use).

When we got home, Jason cleaned up his cans and tried to arrange them on his ever-growing pile so nicely displayed on top of our living room bookshelf.  He spent a good deal of time rearranging them and trying to get them all to fit.  They didn't.

"I think I bought too many," he called out from the living room.

"I told  you so.  If you keep buying them, after a while they'll look like junk" I called back from the kitchen, secretly pleased with myself that I was right.  I didn't mention any more about it.  I just assumed Jason would take the cans to the basement or the garage and fill them with screws, nails and 'what not.'

Later that night, I was sitting on the couch watching American Idol and I spotted something bright from behind the plants in the living room.  Could it be .. .

he didn't . . .  

                             .  . . yes, he did:

There were the cans, discreetly placed behind my plants on the windowsill.   And did I mention that not only is he obsessed with cans, but they are getting rustier?! 

After my discovery, I just looked over at him in disbelief.  His sparkly blue eyes smiled back at me. He's lucky he's so beautiful.


  1. OK, old cans are good they just need a fresh coat of paint, tell jay that is all he needs to do is restore them. LOL


  2. There are people that would pay big bucks for those cans! I would display them in my kitchen -- on top of my cabinets. Whatever you do, don't paint them, the value is in the patina (rusty crud) and labels.
    You should tape an episode of Hoarders and sit down and watch it after his next can buying binge! (After one episode, you will feel blessed that's all he collects.)


  3. Deborah -
    Jason LOVES the show "Hoarders!" Some of his other favorites are "American Pickers" and "Pawn Stars." No worries - he would never in a million years paint the cans! He loves the bright colors of the advertisements. Thanks for reading.

  4. Oh I'm with Jason with " American Pickers" and "Porn Stars"...oh wait, you said "Pawn Stars." Nevermind.

    (Yes, I am laughing.)


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