Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I used to think it was corny to decorate for any holiday except for Christmas and Halloween.  I didn't think there was a way to do it without having it look cheap and cheesy.  For Easter decorating, I had visions of plastic window decals and plastic eggs and plastic Easter grass. 

The problem is, I don't particularly like plastic. 

I have a nine-year old daughter and I know good Moms decorate their houses for holidays.  At least my Mom did, and I think she's a good Mom.  I always liked all the different decorations out around the holidays and I didn't much care if they were plastic.

When I joined the blogging community just over a month ago I started seeing some really creative people who managed to decorate for the holidays in simple, yet festive ways.  Some even managed to make plastic look good!  And then there is always the Pottery Barn catalogue, which is always a great source of inspiration.

Photo: Pottery Barn

I decided it was time to step up and decorate for Easter, starting with my table. 

Remember that grubby duck and that grubby bunny I got at the Salvation Army?  I know there were some doubters out there who thought I was crazy.

  I gave them each a fresh coat of white spray paint (although they could be a bit shinier).  Well here they are after their facelifts.

I stole the burlap table-runner idea from Jessi over at Yankee Belle Home.  I thought it was such a great idea to use a piece of burlap for the runner, so I cut it and frayed the ends a bit.  It adds a nice texture to the tablescape.

I got the candlesticks at the Salvation Army too.  I just added the raffia bows around them to add a little extra detail.  I got the little nests and bunnies at AC Moore.

The eggs are plastic.  Yes, I used plastic.  I spray-painted them blue and then used a tootbrush dipped in brown paint to make them speckled.

I bought some Spanish moss and put it in the bottom of a big vase I got at TJ Maxx, tied a ribbon around it and put the eggs inside.

All I need now are some beautiful flowers to make the table complete. 

Now the question is, who's coming for Easter brunch?

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  1. Lovely!!
    Can't even tell the eggs are plastic!!

  2. I was very surprised to read those eggs were plastic. I think it is the speckles that disguises them. I love the burlap runner - I need to steal your stolen idea. It is a lovely Easter table.

  3. What time is Easter dinner? ;)
    The table looks beautiful. Very nice job with the table runner! Looks like you are all ready.

  4. Good work on the speckled eggs Stephenie...they look fabulous. I don't do holiday decorating except for out for my feeble attempt tomorrow!

  5. Wow! You did pretty darn good for a person who says she doesn't decorate holidays. SO MANY creative ideas! Your painted-white thrift store finds are adorable. I can't decide if the blue speckled eggs or the burlap runner is my favorite idea. LOVE your Easter decorating and I'm sure your daughter does, too!
    Patricia :o)

  6. Your table looks great! I am so impressed. I love the touch of blue it looks so fresh! Just gorgeous! xx

  7. That is super cute!!! I love the blue eggs, they look so good!

  8. Wonderful is really lovely. No cheesy or plastic look here!!!

  9. i love the vintage looking eggs...adorable.
    happy easter week.


  10. svinch@twcny.rr.comMarch 31, 2010 at 2:00 AM

    Love the table!! Love those eggs , you will have to show me them, I can't believe they are the plastic eggs.IF you want the bunny and the duck a little more shiny try the spray gloss they use for ceramic pieces, I think you can get it at the craft store.
    Your table truly says "HAPPY EASTER" in a very elegant way!

  11. Hi, your table looks so pretty!! I love the table runner....Kathy

  12. Stephenie,

    I agree with your other comments; the eggs are fantastic and don't look plastic at all! Great job.

    What time should we arrive?


  13. It looks fantastic! I would love for you to come on over to and link this post up to my Ready, Set Vignette party!

  14. Lovely table, very inviting. Any food would taste good on such a table.

  15. Lovely table with the soft blues.

  16. Great table-love the eggs! I think I need to do that to mine. Your burlap runner-fabulous!

  17. You have done a wonderful job on your table, it's all about creativity, and making something out of nothing can be the funest thing ever, I love the bunny and the runner and the cute candle holder, good job, I loved it all....

  18. The soft blue with the light brown shades are very exclusive and makes a nice tablescape.

    Wish you a happy Easter.

  19. I SO get the hating plastic thing, but I now have a granddaughter, so there is alot of plastic these days. She will grow up and we will move on to ceramic, etc. I hate plastic, but I love having a granddaughter.

  20. Oh my - I love how you transformed your plastic eggs. Clever! I also love your burlap table runner and the gingham ribbon. Very sweet!


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