Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up Part 2

My friend Kara suggested a great antique shop right around the corner from our house so Jason and I managed to make it over there Sunday.  Here is what we came home with.

This scale for our kitchen.  We were immediately drawn to it because of the bronze face with the black finish, since our kitchen has black countertops with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.  Price: $24.75

Another wooden crate.  We like the light coloring on this one, and the fact that it is from a local company.  Price: $6.  Still wondering what we should do with all these crates.  Please post any suggestion!

I knew I had to have these vintage rag balls as soon as I saw them.  They were $1 a piece.  At first, I thought I might try to make some of my own, but that would probably cost more.  Besides, the fabric on these is clearly worn and has some staining in some areas.  These are my favorite purchase of the weekend.  Since I am a knitter, I was half-tempted to knit with them, but I have decided to leave them alone and appreciate the cozy feeling they offer.  They are shades of blue, white, cream and brown.  We're not sure if they will remain in our sitting room (where we have a light blue couch) or move them to the spare room for the re-design.

And finally . . . we did NOT make it through the weekend without the Can Man finding a can.  I am proud to show you his latest treasure.  I actually really like this one because I like the light blue coloring.  It kind of matches the couch in the sitting room. Price: $2.


  1. Looks like you have some good finds.
    I like the kitchen scales,they remind me of my dad's friend who owned a grocery store and he weight out the meat on a scale like that one in his store....he was a small grocery store owner.


  2. Put your sweaters or your knitting materials in those crates.

  3. I am drooling, I am drooling, I am drooling!!!!

  4. That wooden crate would make a great herb garden (just line it with heavy plastic, or a plastic bin)...or place it in a garden with flowers in it!

  5. Wonderful vintage finds and at such good prices. The scale is beautiful I am looking for one myself but haven't found one yet. It will be fun looking though. Thanks


  6. Stephenie,

    I love the scale! I am looking for one myself. Thomas likes the wooden crate. I laughed hard at the "Can Man's" find. Aqua is the color this season.


  7. Hi!
    Great collection of things! I really like your hubby's can. Great find! Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  8. Wonderful treasures! I like them all. Did you see what Leigh did with her crate? I really liked it. Post and let us know what you end up doing. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the can! You can be proud of Can Man!lol

    So he has canosis heh? I discover new thrifting diseases everyday!

  10. You find the coolest stuff. I love the can! I had to laugh because we have a neighborhood savant who walks around collecting cans all day and we call him Can Man. I doubt he finds quite the caliber of treasures yours does!

  11. What wonderful the can and the crate. Have a great VTT..

  12. I want the can! All were good finds but that was the best!

  13. The rag balls are great, I have never seen those before. I have seen crates used for display shelves or to hold books.

  14. Great finds! I love the color on that can too.
    Win Rachael Ray bake ware at my blog.


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